Saturday, 23 October 2010

it's the little things...

Why oh why do kids not clear up after themselves? It's every generations headache and an old, old chestnut l know.

It's usually me who gives in and just takes dishes through to the kitchen. Today l cleared 5 glasses, 3 plates and 6 mugs from my son's den.

In the living room a plate with the remnants of a kebab lurked pungently, but l left it there until he popped home from school for lunch.

He ate a plate of noodles and l asked him to clear both plates when he was done. He didn't. Soy sauce swallowed the room.

Later as l collected the evidence together and began to walk to the kitchen, l turned and went into his bedroom and placed them upon his bed. I closed the door behind me for maximum effect.

When he returned from school he paused in his room, looking, figuring it all out. I lurked in the hall, he said loudly,

'Do you think l don't get this is a ploy on your part?'

Me, 'That may well be the case,'

Son, 'Well for that l will leave them, not playing these games.'

Me- appearing disappointed, but secretly knowing, with a touch of blag for good measure,
' Ok, fair enough, thought it would be a funny thing to do, don't get het up.'

I walked down the hall to the kitchen, smiling to myself.

Two hours later, he appeared in the kitchen, plates in hand, trying so hard not to smile, ' Don't gloat,' he said, dimples threatening.

Job done. I'll wait and see if this light-hearted episode will stay with him. There will be bigger and more  important battles. I know.


  1. You two know each other so well, and that's what makes this post not only funny, but poignant.

    Bigger and more important battles, yes. But as irritating as these small ones are, cherish them. For one day, he'll be gone, married and with children of his own to clean up after...and you'll miss this.

  2. Yes, you do need to pick your battles...

  3. Oh dear, sounds like more teenage bedroom, only I think your son has a little more grace than I had at his age :-)

  4. 'Don't gloat,' he said, dimples threatening.

    Nice touch.

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  6. motherly BRILLIANCE!

    I'm not the only one with these battles?

    So glad to see the living of lightness, that you have that chance.

    much love

  7. Sadly, I think my lad would have left everything in his bedroom. He seems impervious to both the sights and smells of a tip of a bedroom. Sigh!

  8. ...and there's me trying to teach the bichons to put their toys back in the box. I wonder which of us will have the most success


  9. A very "tidy" thought process in this post, Saz!

  10. Saz, please give me a link to Moannie - tried all ways possible to find pyramid of piffle but failed. Priority stuff!


    link on my side bar also

  12. I should digg your post therefore other people can look at it, really helpful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    - Thomas

  13. I absolutely agree about picking your battles. It has been my fundamental parenting strategy since my son was very small and I have to say it has worked well for us. When I have a real hissy he knows its damned serious- luckily this is rare.
    I have been very ill recently and I am now recovering from major surgery. I wouldnt want any teen to have go through what Pete has. Having said that, I think it has made him a better person as regards being sensitive to matters such as clearing and dishes. He still needs to be asked sometimes but he does anything he is asked without any argument at all. He knows if he doesn't, either his (very tired)dad has to do it, or I will endeavour to which is a definite no no at the moment. Every cloud does have a silver lining. Good luck Saz XX

  14. i've fought the same battle and done the same thing. it works best when the person who sleeps in the bed also hates the vermin the dirty dishes may attract and you point that out. ;)

  15. Ha! "... I closed the door behind me for maximum effect." This is perfect.
    Mission accomplished!

  16. I like that - love your style!

    We go very lightly on our kids. My wife was expected to do a LOT of chores when she was young and did not want ours to be brought up like that.

    Occasionally we "persuade" them to help out - occasionally they volunteer, which is even better.

  17. When things can be handled with a sense of humor - and both parties enjoy the joke - it is so much better than being mad. Good job!

  18. Mothers and sons! And I love the fact that I learn so much for the future from your blog! Note to self: dirty dishes on bed.

  19. Ms. Saz,

    I have four beautiful children, young adults, and I go through this myself. I have often donet he same thing...from dishes to dirty laundry to trash all over the floor, all placed on their bed for them to see when they arrive back home.

    They get it for a short while and then it starts all over again. Sometimes, I just leave a note on their door to clear out their room to "my" expectations. The note usually means I am quite angry and do not want to discuss it, just want it

    Again, it lasts but for a short while and I have to do it all over

    Good luck!


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