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A few Doddy moments

French Fancy in Kent asked in her last post ..'what can you think of that has recently made you happy'

l'm assuming she is using the word happy loosely, as I find contentment is more manageable and satisfying. Happiness, like joy for me isn't a state of mind, it doesn't stay with you. it is fleeting. Contentment is achievable and l align myself to it. l am smug enough and able enough to try and and hope, to sustain it.

Joy is but of moments.

So l have spent odd moments today thinking ..'what can I think of that has recently made me happy'..

here are my Doddy moments.... get it? Ken Dodd - 'Happiness, happiness'
  • I finished reading a second book this week
  • The sun shone deep into my face
  • I have been home alone and content with it
  • I have made some exciting plans for next year
  • I wrote a letter of objection to my son's school this week and they made an about face within 24 hours! 
  • I laughed with friends
  • I knitted all evening without objections 
  • I had a duvet day and found I liked it....a lot, even though I was ill!
  • I heard something today, if it is what I think it might be it will make me feel Joy, even Happiness and lots of contentment!
YEAHHHH!!! Your friend and mine- David Authorblog McMahon is in the building...back from his sabbatical. I couldn't be more pleased!!


  1. So glad you've found contentment! I've cried so much the last 6 months or so that now I'm cried out. I lost 200 lbs - kicked him out! Yep! It's over and now I am working towards finding contentment again. I know it will come - I'm already feeling more relaxed.

  2. Huge progress Saz...i am impressed!
    Well done Leslie! Sorry it didn;t work - but glad you are happy to be free again after all the tears.
    and we miss you heaps too Moannie....

  3. I like your post
    Maybe it is something we should all do as a matter of course - every week make a list of the things that have made us happy or brought us joy.
    I will post mine today

  4. It tends to be the simple things - although getting a school to change its mind is a big thing! Well done for fighting your corner so well!

  5. Saz,
    I love your list! :-)

    I had such a light moment when I discovered yesterday's post at V(like my City) for Dummies (I loved out loud, and giggled for several minutes) and when I found out that David McMahon returns to blogging! Those two Aussies really made my day.

    Please tell Moannie that I miss her terribly!
    Pleeease, pleeease, Moannie, start a new blog,
    we need you! Big hug to both mother and daughter!

  6. What a great idea, to make a list of things that make you happy every day. Right now it would be the clear skies after a night of rain, and the cup of tea just made. Also the fact that our little dog who has been ill is now on the mend.

    Have a great weekend! Look forward to your next posts.

    Canadian Chickadee

  7. So much to celebrate, huh?? Loved this post, dearest Saz!!!! You are such a wonderful friend to everyone who knows you!! And it is FANTASTIC to have David back!!! I hope that Moannie is able to start a new blog in the interim while she waits for Google to find her old one!!! Love to you, dear friend!!! Janine XO

  8. Dear Saz,
    we are all so delighted about David's return!
    I would have never gone on blogging without him,
    not even continued with photography. I really felt a great loss when he said good-bye to blogging.

    I think of Moannie several times a day, hope she blogs again soon and that the kind Google people are successful in retrieving her old blog!


  9. I so agree with your thoughts on happiness and joy and making the most of perhaps fleeting periods of contentment...and glad that you are feeling better.
    p.s. I took my dad to see Ken Dodd once....a happy memory for me is sitting in the theatre and turning to see my dads face lit up with laughter.
    Hope Moannie is up and running again sound like a fabulous family.

  10. Saz, It sounds like you've a lot to celebrate. I hope your cup stays mostly full.


  11. Very nice post!

  12. Well, aside from enjoying your own prose, you just made me very happy by telling me that David is back among us! Thank you!

  13. Hi Saz,

    So glad that there are many things that make you happy - but I have to say I would be delighted if Moannie's blog were brought back to life!

    Thank you for the shout-out. Very kind - and it is very deeply appreciated.

  14. Life IS full of joys....even in the tough times!! I'm smiling because the pneumonia is finally on its way out...AND David is back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Missed you Saz. My life is crazy busy and I haven't been reading in eeons. I'm realizing how much I've missed all of you~xoxoxoox


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