Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Fair Vintage..

This morning I visited the first  'Nostalgia meets Design '
event held at Rheged Visitor Centre near Penrith

I have been swithering about having a stall there myself
but thought it best  to see for myself how well attended 
and what sort of mix of goods were available
(all images enlarge with one click)

an early 1960s Airtsream trailer in the parking lot set the tone

The venue offered a stylish and eclectic selection of vintage fashion, jewellery, accessories,

clothing, homewares and textiles and reconstructed crafts....

wonderful eclectic mix of home wares & kitchenelia

from  Fiona Cox assorted Vanity, textiles and linens

a stall of hats in homage to bygone days

 assortedhouse  items from vintage fabrics and textiles

  bespoke cake maker with a cake fashioned on my good self
feet up, cake, voluptuous and bag at the ready for all eventualites!

 friend and fellow vintage trader Fran Boyd, who runs Goodbye Norma Jean,
she now offers a pop up vintage shop with cupcakes and chat in your own home

 Kendal's own Revival vintage shop
deep in the Lake District

a nice change for a Saturday morning..


  1. I could possibly go crazy there! Sign up by all means woud be in good company. I want one of those hats...and the vintage clothes..!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful venue! I would be hard pressed to walk away empty handed!

    Yes Saz - get thee to a show like that! I know they are a TON of work but probably quite satisfying.

    The best thing to do is query your friends for the truth about the shows. How much for booths? Did they make a profit at the end of the day? And the most truthful - would they do it again?

    (you guys have all the good stuff!)

  3. So, next time you will be having a stall there yourself as well?

  4. I could almost hear the hubbub of all the fun...looks like a great day!

  5. Your stuff would fit right in there Saz...all new to the trade, but bet the booths are expensive.

    Those hats...Wowwww! Actually could go mad there myself.

  6. You GO girl! That looks like such fun and you'd make a bundle at a fair such as this one. :D

  7. that looks like so much fun!

  8. What a happy way to spend some time....fabulous things.

  9. Make Tea Not War-- What a great motto.
    Cheers, jj

  10. I think the cake stand would have been my favourite :-)

  11. I'd have loved it. Anything similar nearer home? (Derby)

  12. In the first photo there's dish with two birds .. my mom had that identical dish ... I believe it was Czech

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  14. Sax,

    That's so great! We went down to Old Town this weekend, yesterday. We strolled through two extremely large antique warehouses. It was so awesome. Brought back many, many memories of family and childhood. Had such a really, really good time.

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  16. I cannot stop looking at that cake! The attention to detail is amazing - right down to the fringe on the chair and ottoman and the sweater - buttons on one side and holes on the other! I LOVE IT!

    The hat stall is great too. I can soooo see myself in that green and purple delight on the right.

    PS Much enjoyed the journey through Barnard Castle!


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