Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Down time ... Postponed - Revisited?

To avoid profound and expensive repairs to this blogger, it has been deemed necessary to close down at regular intervals. I have decided to adopt a planned approach to these periodical rest days. Most necessary to sustain and replenish, and hopefully involve much body tune ups in a prostrate position, supine and floating in a bath of gin. A handsome infertile flexible male to peel me grapes and feed my whims. 

So for the nest few days, I shall be unavailable due to routine maintenance. To keep this blogger running smoothly,it may be prudent to install flash players, oh yeah baby!

In other words - l'm driving letting the train take the strain down to the parents, Moannie and JP for some tlc. Which will no doubt include the prostrate position on couch, watching with mother; Milou on hand to pet; some deep meaningful lunches with a strong Latin edge; much rolling of eyes and side aching laughter. 

Back next week.

At the time of writing this post I was good to go.... then a glitch and a postponement until December. Disappointing but...

Life's like that.

It's December and it's still snowing, melting, refreezing and snowing again..n subject to the trains, l shall be at Moannie's Wednesday evening...

Carlisle .-15' coldest place in England this morning
Kent?...will report in words and pics over the coming days....

Saz x


  1. Yes, yes ... TLC from one's parents does wonders. Everyone needs to be refreshed. Cheers!

  2. I so wish I could visit my Mom, but alas I'll have to wait until my time on earth is up. Enjoy yourself, laugh heartily, and lap up the love and affection. :D

  3. Have fun! Miss you already!

    Sorry, isn't that the cheesiest line ever?

  4. Enjoy your break and soak up the TLC.nI've just come back from my ten-day break and come back to a pile of bills..... Great!!!!

  5. I envy you. I wish I had a place to go to be recharged. I can't wait to hear about how wonderful it was.


  6. Oh I love that chaise (sp?) .. I envy your maintenance time .. say hi to Moannie and tell her she is missed!

  7. You deserve some TLC, I was hoping that last bit about the handsome male had some truth?! Oh, and the bath of gin!!

    (Not been around much recently and missing the blogging world. Too much work now to blog. Sad. Think of you often tho')

  8. Have a great time. Live,love and laugh.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time, and please give my love and best wishes to Moannie. I hope she's back up and blogging sometime soon. She has a wonderful writing voice.

  10. Sorry you`re not going now - how disappointing for you but something to look forward to in December.

  11. Oh, that is a great pity..... I do feel for Moannie who will now have to wait for a long time for her blog to be restored.
    And you will have to wait for that longed for rest. But as you say..... life is like that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Enjoy Saz, you deserve it. You've had a lot of transitions this year. You have done great. It's time to put your guard down for some well deserved tlc.

    Enjoy your mom. Get all the love you can with her and give her all the love you have. Cheerish her with all your heart, visit her more often.

    My mom is resting in God's arms. Though I miss her, I know she's in a better place.

    Have fun!

  13. Oh my, before I could wish you a pleasant trip, it was canceled!

    We're stuck with you. Yay!

    I hope Moannie got the blog straightened out, I'm off to check after I finish catching up here.

    Try the bath of gin and the infertile grape-peeler anyway. Try and get the kind that is also wildly gifted at housework.

  14. Yes, saz, life truly is like that ain't it? the best laid plans of mice and us.

  15. well, even though your plans were disrupted i hope you took time for yourself.

  16. Well, I hope whatever postponed the trip is good not bad ... xo

  17. can't cope with all this technology thingy. but don't go far and for too long.

  18. Hope you're okay. Your posts sound upbeat. I really hope you are. Sorry I've not 'popped' in been thinking about you but wrapped up in my life for the last few months. Anyway, take care. x

  19. Hi Saz

    Julie from mycuriousteaparty here...

    As I have had little interest in my giveaway post, I will donate some work to the local Oxfam shop in Colchester, hopefully they will make enough to buy some chickens for a family who needs them.

    And to say thank you for taking the time to leave me a message I would like to send you a little something to wish you a Merry Christmas please send me an email with your address and I will pop something in the post to you.

    Enjoy your break

    ~ Julie

  20. Have a wonderful getaway.
    cheers, jj

  21. Hope you find the infertile man of your dreams, and that he comes supplied with the gin!


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