Sunday, 17 October 2010

be warned... as not to offend, for those of you with a sensitive disposition it may be better if you do not press play.....

I have found my theme tune 2010 over at Familyaffairs ! This makes me laugh, dance and sing....breathe it in girls!!! I love it!


  1. That is a great song!

    Made me think of Little Shop of Horrors too, which isn't a bad thing!

  2. I adore this, adore Cee Lo Green - We are soul sisters in more ways than one, non?! xox

  3. well, i didn't play it coz there were children in the room, but i think i get the picture! great to hear from you - now do tell how i get that widget with the fgmail/blogger/twitter/facebook thingee at the end of every post please!!!

  4. sue- got to dashboard/design/blogposts-edit/tick show share buttons


    saz x

  5. My lime green silky dress and fuck-me shoes are at the ready. When do we rehearse? I'm on my way across the pond. Cheers!

  6. that was classic! thanks for the chuckles!

  7. Bit of a shock - I'd heard the "radio friendly" version then my daughter had this version blaring out of her bedroom... I was reminded of my Dad's reaction to my listening to the Pistols in 76 :-)


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