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Historically I have always been tall and slender, even skinny after having children in my mid to late 30's I gradually gained weight. Eating for comfort is a western symptom of unhappiness, the one pool into which I dived headlong and remained underwater for the past decade.

During THAT week  in February this year I lost one stone, then over the last few months another stone silently dropped off and stayed off.

Although I have recently been eating a healthy meal each day, I have not had a suitable breakfast or lunch. Of course though sufficiently nourishing, this will make me sluggish, as my metabolism will not be functioning properly. So I have enrolled on a healthy eating plan to train my self back into proper eating habits and it helps for me to have this structured guide. I am now eating better, more regularly and l have lost another 5lbs in two weeks. A total of 33lbs. A bit more cycling and I may have this cracked. Though l wouldn't recommend the kick start I had 7 months ago. I'm certainly coming out a healthier, happier and better person for it on several levels.

Khloe Kourtney KIm kardashian beach bunny swimwear

Just teasing, I do not look like these gorgeous babes
but l often feel like......



  1. This is great news Saz! Not a brilliant way to get started but what a way to jump start some weight loss. Wthe e look forward to reading more about your success on your route to the final photo!

  2. Good for you Saz. Sounds like you're in good shape and not just "skinny fat".

  3. and I bet you feel like one of those beach babes too (i regularly do and I don't look like them either!)..well done you, getting fit again feels great doesn't it x

  4. Congratulations! Not only the weight loss, but on your positive outlook and realization that you need to do things "the right way."

    A few years back, I was sick for 5 months and lost 59 pounds. Couldn't keep ANYTHING down. And after my surgery and recovery, I was so encouraged, I starved myself for two years to keep the weight off. Eventually, I got to the point where if I ate more than 700 calories a day, I gained a pound. I had destroyed my metabolism. And to this day, it has not corrected itself.

    Ah well, maybe zaftig will come back into style one day. VERY zaftig.

  5. I LOVE the second picture! So you! Congratulations!

  6. Congrats Saz, way to go! I have a few pounds to deal with and keep stopping and starting. Not good - but need to get motivated for my big birthday in November.

  7. Better to feel like the second picture. :-)


  8. Good for you! Eating is a series of habits and it's good to foster the right ones. Feeling good on the inside will show on the outside!

  9. I might be way off, but sometimes i like to feel like both pictures, is it because I'm a Libra and can't make up my mind?

    I do get the point, so glad you are healthy and have such a great perspective!

  10. I just clicked on your new profile picture and you are looking fabulous, Saz. Keep it up, not for the appearance, but for that zest for life.


  11. Sounds good, and I must say that you are looking great in your new profile pic!

  12. I commented on this yesterday but got an ERROR notice. Here goes for another try.

    I said that when you come to me in October I am taking you to the beach and we will recreate that second picture. Can't wait to see you. XXXX

  13. Good for you. Eat well, be happy.
    Mad x

  14. Gosh, that is a fantastic result of a process that was not so great. I don't think I would wish to go through what you've been through, even if I lost 2 and a half stone.
    Similar theme: Is anyone going to see "Eat Pray Love"? Any reports?

  15. Amazing isnt how we let stress mess with us .. but now you are in control and doing a super job!!!!!! xo

  16. I admire you for your take-action attitude. I've been struggling with both eating and exercising. I don't mean to whine. I have fibro and fatigue is a significant symptom. I do try. Now that summer is officially over, as of 8:09pm last night, hopefully the cooler weather will help...fibro is temp sensitive as well.

    I am encouraged by your entry. Good job!...:-)

  17. You DO look SO beautiful, dearest Saz!!!! So glad positive things are coming!!!! You deserve that!!!! Love you so much! Janine XO

  18. Well done, I need some of your motivation, I have several pounds of flab to loose!

  19. So glad you often feel like that :-)

  20. I think the girls in the first picture probably don't look like that... I wonder how much airbrushing is there?

    Rather have a natural beauty that comes from within...

  21. Wow, good for you for being aware of your health and wellness not just enjoying the "skinny".
    Keep feeling good!

  22. Wow! That's amazing. I lost two stone in two weeks but thanks to wine & chocolate I have put a lot back on and now so stuck in a rut I can't even begin to start sorting that out. I hope things are better for you. X

  23. well done, though as you say, the reason behind the big loss is not to be recommended. I definitely comfort-eat and, although I have lost about 7 pounds since Greg died, I am stuck in a place where I could quite happily part with another 14 pounds if not 20. I must try to lose it before Christmas, but those bars of chocolate just keep on falling off the shelf into my trolley at the supermarket!!!

  24. Yes, some days I feel like that too - a few pounds heavier, but like that.

  25. i say if the bottom picture is how you're feeling you are in a good place, my dear.

  26. Congrats on the weight loss! I know the feeling. Many years ago - over 20 now - my current girlfriend dumped me and I went into a depression that resulted in me not eating much. I lost twenty pounds, then met MY (future) WIFE. So, hang in there and keep up the good work.

  27. love the new blog! those bikinied babes have NOTHING on you!!!

  28. I am so looking forward to your mum taking that picture on the beach! I am so happy for you.

  29. Just here to send my love!!! You're the best, dearest Saz!!!! ~Janine XO

  30. How fabulous you look in your profile picture! well done you!

  31. The good old "divorce diet" everytime. Pounds just fell off me. Putting it back on now of course....

    Glad you're sounding calmer - was it really February? Where does the time go? Lx

  32. Oh Saz, I'm so glad to read your words and feel the cheeriness behind them, complete with visuals. How lovely, just as you are.

    Catching up on posts, as is my custom, I remark upon something below. Unfortunately that is an old trick that mechanics use on women customers. Quote the freaking Earth and then when the customer reacts in horror/upset, knock it down as a "favor". Unfortunately the "favor" price usually still loads more than it would cost elsewhere.

    Don't feel bad though, that's happened to a lot of people (and that trick can often be used on men, also). I'm glad you found another place.

    So that you'll know you have company, we have a pool in our backyard with a heater, and some rather technical things attached to it. One day I noticed a valve dripping and the repairman came while I was here by myself, quoting me an absurd price on a replacement part.

    Remember this phrase, because it helps, "Great, thank you. I'm just getting quotes right now, but I'll let you know."

    Miraculously, the price was halved by just that statement. I did go with a different company, but for anything that isn't just incidental expense? The "Gathering quotes." said with dead calm generally produces closer to the actual price.

    Never works with plumbing, by the way. Plumbers don't fall for that because if there is water squirting all over god's creation, they know you're up against a wall.

    I was a single-mom for a years back in my twenties, and I look helpless as hell, so I feel for you on this issue. There are lots of good, honest people out there, of course, but for the rest? "Gathering estimates." "Getting quotes."

  33. You think those 'babes' are gorgeous? I think they're scary!

  34. Good for you, Girl!!
    but do it just for you, not anyone else. That part will just happen.
    Love ya

  35. Just happened upon your posts - loved it, will be back for more! Thx for sharing the ups and downs.


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