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The Return

Allowing for forthcoming dramas and no doubt many moments of crisis, I feel I am in part returning to myself.

I have taken time in  the last two months to nurture my well-being. A variety of relaxation, meditation and self seeking courses have unlocked inner compartments and my searching has nourished and fed me. A trip away with girlfriends has allowed me a detachment I did not know l needed nor could I feel.

I have so far had three sessions with a Psychologist/Counsellor, benevolently organised through my work and it has been wonderful, truly. Surprising. Questioning. Difficult. Upsetting. Revealing. Comforting even.

The realisation of why I have made the choices I have, is very liberating.

Understanding breaks the shell of confusion and conflict into the core of resolution and forgiveness. Thus opening up a path towards tomorrow.

Many issues have not changed since February mostly in terms of the practical and logistical. But I have come to realise that acceptance on some levels is achievable.

On other levels it is so innately woven into the core of  my being that I am sure they will remain with me always, although hopefully on some lesser level of sorrow.

The wonderful Chris Rea- from La Passione
When Grey Skies turn Blue

When the grey skies turn to blue
And the dark clouds blow away
In the morning of a new life
When the sun comes shining through

When the grey skies turn to blue
In the morning of a new life
When the sun comes shining through

When the grey skies turn to blue
Meet me on a bright and windy day
When the breeze has blown the grey skies far away
High upon a hillside when the sun comes shining through

And the grey skies turn to blue
When the grey skies turn to blue


  1. Goodness me!

    Goodness Goddess you!

    Great to hear this, Sara, well done for having worked so hard and I shall look forward to seeing an even more lovely version of you later today!

    Congratulations on recovering you... xox

  2. yes, can't wait to see you both very soon!!

    luv saz x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time away with your friends. Good luck with the counselling; difficult but effective. It's amazing how you can achieve some clarity in your life by having a sounding board who listens to what you are not saying, if you know what I mean.

  5. Counseling paid for by work sounds like a gift....sorting out all that chaos would be enlightening! A new outlook on why we do the things we do and hurt over certain things would bounce a person ahead a few squares in the evolving process...... Real friends are so important too....

  6. I did about 12 hour sessions of counselling after my divorce. I was amazed that whilst nothing actually chamged (my circumstances were exactly the same) I felt so very different about life. I did group therapy for a while after that which was a useful tool but not as effective as the initial 1-2-1's. Recently I did a counselling course to look at it from the other side. I swear by talking therapy - so pleased you feel good and the break was good too xx

  7. whether issues are still there or not Saz, its our ability to see beyond them and be able to get pleasure and calm from other things....

    its good to see you back x

  8. I love how your describe your experience of therapy... (as a therapist I always feel so happy when someone is benefiting from the process) and it's an extra perk that you can articulate it so beautifully!

  9. Good on you! Change begins within ourselves.

  10. I'm pleased that you are getting some support. Thinking of you. X

  11. Chris Rhea could sing absolute gibberish and I would still love it. His voice is so soothing and comforting! This song is new to me, but it is beautiful. Hopefully your skies will be blue

  12. Lovely video and song.

    When our world crumbles, we learn how to pick up those pieces, use what we want and create a new world just for our self. You are an encouragement.

  13. I'm a huge fan of counseling! So glad it's helping and working for you. Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, jj

  14. Often thought about counselling, maybe i should try it.

  15. This is very good news! Here's to your future...

  16. Huge hugs my lovely brave, courageous girl. Today week and I can finally be your mum and pamper you. XXX

  17. Oh Saz, I love that you are on such a positive journey. I am sure it involves much hard work, and no shortage of pain, but it looks like the reward is more than worth it.

    I also sought councilling, several years ago now. Oddly enough, I sought it over one issue, but it led on to other, much more deep rooted ones. It taught me the power of letting go, and that some things don't need to always be carried - it's okay to forgive to move on. ((hugs))

  18. Chris Rea - now there is a man who can write and play a bloody good tune or two

  19. Saz, you're coming along beautifully. No doubt the love and friendship you have around you has carried you. Not to mention your own strength.



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