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shaking all over

As many of my closest friends know, I am no prude, with a liberal attitude my nearest and dearest know I am happy to talk about sex, or the lack of it.

This here isn't a picture of my latest 'toy' even if it does resemble something from the range of female accoutrements in an Ann Summers' shop. And the similarities do not end with its appearance, I will elaborate, now that I may have your full interest.

 It is in fact a Power Plate.  This is the latest slimming, toning, exercise gadget to hit the streets of Carlisle. Basically you gently exercise or not so gently according to your ability, stamina and flexibility, with a trainer who coaches and encourages you all the while the plate... wait for it....while it vibrates, with several speed settings!

Last week my pal Julie booked a free half hour trial session for three, Carlotta joined us.  The trainer Dave, took us threw our paces, amid shrieks, giggles, bawdy comments and my groans of pleasure!  We stepped on it, we bent on it, we crouched on it, we swung on it, we squatted on it and we sat on it (out goes the washing machine!) and finally we lay on it. Bliss. Apparently we were not the first group of women to be loudly appreciative of the Power plate's obvious secondary qualities.

Seriously if only for the fact it heightened my mood considerably from all the laughter, smiles and fun it would be worth regular visits. My nose wouldn't stop itching and Dave informed me, with a twinkle in his eye, that the nose has the second highest amount of nerve endings in the female body!

I am sold on it, l just need to get back to work and do some overtime to afford it.

Where do l sign?


  1. *giggles*

    I remember watching a(an American, where else?) show about this gadget. Apparently it actually helps you lose weight. I can see now how: All that laughing must consume a lot of calories! ;-)

  2. Great post, Saz! It's like those vibrating weight loss machines of the 1950s. Women would sling a wide black rubber belt just under their waist over the derriere and flip on the switch martini in hand. A virtual Elvis machine. Shake rattle and roll! Goodbye jiggly parts. The sheer horror of watching myself in the mirror would intimidate me into a major diet! Cheers

  3. And I'll bet it won't cheat on a woman or walk out the door.
    Good investment.

  4. I'm in...where do I get one and how much???

  5. Well, what can I say?

    Obviously good for moral....

  6. Sounds like great fun ..... and if it shakes off a few fat cells - bonus!

  7. Too much pleasure would probably kill me, Sazzie...but what a way to die...and lose weight!

  8. I'd love to know what men think of it... no doubt two mins stood there, a shrug, a whatever glance and off to the bar, football or whatever would be higher in the male conscious. :-)

  9. I'm all for anything that makes women shriek, giggle, and moan.

  10. My friend has one, they are supposed to be great at toning....I hadn't heard of the extras it delivers. ;0) X

  11. your trainer is a lucky man ;).

  12. LOL! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for this - my treadmill seems boring now.

  13. OMG! I do not one of those anywhere near me!

  14. reminds me of those old fashioned things with the belt you'd wrap around your bum while it shook and vibrated.

  15. Do you think a washing machine would be a good temporary substitute?


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