Saturday, 24 July 2010

Capturing Carlisle

I have lots of images of Carlisle on my hard drive, many I add to my redbubble page but they sit there waiting patiently... and waiting. For what?

So as l wiped my laptop AGAIN and restored it, I thought I would make use of all this data backed up on to my  back up harddrive by creating a blog just for images of Carlisle.

Et voila, please take a peek at the new blog. I intend to post several images a week, perhaps even daily, bringing you the sights, building, people and  moments of life in the city!



  1. Love the new photo blog - I think I recall at least one of the photos. I checked the map to see where you're located, and it appears to be north of Liverpool. I intend to visit Di there hopefully next year so then my friend & I could bus it up your way! Fingers crossed!

  2. Good idea. I've been to Carlisle, but only ever in the depths of winter! Lovely place and I really enjoyed Tullie House - must take daughter there one day .....

  3. A lovely idea. I have never been to Carlisle, though have heard of it lots of times. I've been close - Lake District/ Newcastle/ Hexham. But never made it to Carlisle. Already, your photos make me want to visit.

  4. What beautiful, tranquil photos. I love the idea of starting a blog, with just photos. I have never been to Carlisle, but it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to visiting again.

  5. Off to have a look.
    Happy weekend,

  6. 做好事,不需要給人知道,雖然只是一件微不足道的事,但我相信,這會帶給我快樂。..................................................

  7. Hello lovely,
    So nice to visit with you. Love the new look of the new you. Hope you're enjoying the summer. (Too damn hot.) Will visit your new photo blog. Doesn't it feel great to clear out the cobwebs?


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