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to the four winds
without aim
thoughts scatter

heat of summer
tinder wood emotions

a voice silenced by loss
cracks against the hard surface
of estrangement

in shadow
encroaching dampness
lingering cold

at every turn
evoked memories bruise
on the edge
heartbreak unattended,

consumed by sadness
a future beckons
brimming with indifference


  1. Felt very sad for you, reading that poignant poem. ((hugs)) Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. That is SO good, and so sad. Well done for being able to put such emotions so clearly and beautifully.

    Hugs to you


  3. Love your new look, just found your tabs! How do you do that?! Lovely art and photos :)

  4. I believe
    loving oneself
    erases any indifference.
    A big big hug,

    The poem is Emily Dickinson worthy.

  5. Ah, darling, you may imagine that the future is brimming with indifference, but we are not. We love you. Take that with you wherever you go, please.

  6. Ah love! So much sadness is hard for me to bear. Hard to feel virtual hugs isn't it? JM's under the knife LM looking for answers and I can't hug any of you. XX

  7. Beautifully said and oh so sad.
    I'm cheering you on.

  8. Darlin' Saz...your poetry is beyond brilliant...I applaud the extraordinary talent of the poet...but my heart breaks for you, the lovely lady that you are...I love you. And while girl friends are not the same, nevertheless, I'm here for you...but you already know that! Need a shoulder and a cup of chai? I'll sit and cry with you, dearest! And give you a big hug! Love, Janine XO

  9. I have mentioned many times that writing is my passion...but it's my poetry that is the very soul of me, the things I can't otherwise put into words. There is so much said here in so few words, Saz. Beautifully.

  10. You don't think so now...but things will get better. Sending you hugs (( )) xx

  11. Suldog said it best ... and David sent you a HUGE hug

  12. Although I don't know you personally, just remember how the pendulum swings... when looking ahead with apathy based on current sadness, things have a way of coming back around and there will always be pockets of unexpected joy at other times. I enjoyed the poem, am sorry for whatever might have fueled it. By the way - that book you mentioned 'Eat, Pray, Love' was really good for me at a difficult phase. Never give up...

  13. A future beckons...and the beckoning lures you, but leaves it up to you. You need to be willing to follow into the future.

    and you will.

    love you, Saz

  14. nay your indifference give way to something so much better. and as suldog pointed out we are not indifferent to you.

  15. You know just how much support you have around the globe, Saz.

    And if you're not aware how many fans you have spread around each continent, I'll count em all for you, no matter how long it takes.


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