Sunday, 11 July 2010

a bigger cup

No, l'm not talking bra size here, in fact mine is still shrinking as l continue to effortlessly lose weight for the first time in my life.

What l am looking for is a metaphoric bigger vessel into which l can hold the support, empathy and  love l have been receiving from  friends, some family members and even acquaintances.

That without this network of support, of whom until February I really didn't realise or appreciate, I doubt I would be this able. I would be other.

Do not think of a painful experience as a dark time in your life. You emerge out of everything learning something or becoming a better person. You realize who your real friends are and how much your loved ones mean to you. ~Colleen Ho

I probably have not been thankful enough to them, as moments pass and l sometimes miss the opportunity to tell them to their faces how grateful l am.

The 1am text messages asking if l'm in bed yet.
The daily phone calls asking if I am ok?
The emails of support from bloggers whose blogs I don't even know.
Hugs from work colleagues I rarely talk to.
Unannounced visitors at my door at 9pm popping in for a cuppa.
Impromptu gifts of cake, chocolate & gin.
My listeners' unending patience and seemingly their lack of a boredom threshold.
My son.

I thank you.

And as I in turn recover, flail and recover a little more,
I find strength behind pockets of doubt.
I find solace in the silence.
I find optimism within small breaths of hope.

A new journey begins.


  1. Find these words from a USA friend who listens and sends encouragement via the spirit.

    Ms. Fiddlesticks

  2. I constantly marvel at how supported I have felt here in the blogesphere. I am glad you have so much support virtually and otherwise. You are often in my thoughts

    S x

  3. I agree - in times of adversity, true friends are there for you.

  4. Hi Saz

    Pleased to say hello and just to let you know that I'm holding your hand.

    ~ Julie

  5. Different circumstances but this post was very resonant for me at the moment- thanks for writing it

  6. And remember, that level of support shows you what a wonderful person these supporters think you are! Sending you positive thoughts and wishes.

    PS Looked for you in the audience yesterday, but didn't see you, maybe next time? x

  7. Saz! Yes! A Bigger Cup! Mine in a kiddush cup with a dish underneath to catch the overflow of blessings! There is a picture of it on my blog! I wish I could send you one over the ocean! It is a wonderful symbol of all we have already.
    A dear friend told me "When your cup runneth over, just get A Bigger Cup"!
    Your heart IS big enough, dear friend.

  8. No worries about the concert. Just glad you weren't sitting at home alone!

  9. Saz - Friends close and otherwise are amazing in times such as these. Your list read very much like mine and I will never forget their generosity. Still there were times when friends weren't enough and eventually I took myself to counselling at Relate - worth a thought....

  10. I'm so glad things are gettig better, albeit slowly. Isn't it wonderful to find out how much support one has through this medium! I really hope you're taking full advantage of that little private park and enjoying moments of solitude amongst nature.

  11. Saz-
    glad things are going well. I never doubted they would!
    your friend~rick

  12. We are so lucky to have these vestibules aren't we....what would we do without mobiles and blogging and internet. I honestly don't know how I would get through the day without them. Glad you are getting some support from it all, look after yourself. X

  13. Given answer 2 in Lime Meme it appears you get impromptu gifts of two of those items... not the third at all? ;-)

  14. Oh saz, you catch me warm and soft and so happy that you've such riches. and i think that perhaps it's not that you didn't look to them all before, but that there was so much comfort you were held warmly by it all. when something happens to shake us, we tend to see it all a little more clearly is all. this love has always been around you. you draw it to you.


  15. How is the Tai-chai coming along? I eat toast with Jeremy, too. We all need to step away from the bruising thrust of life from time to time (hugs).

    I'm thinking of you, and of the pleasure you spread, even to those you haven't met in the flesh - rest and recuperate, cherish that spark that is special - you.

  16. You see, very soon you'll be slim, happy, free and back to being the powerhouse version of you.

    Until then, I'm so glad you have so many people checking in, and telling you what is apparent to everyone: you can do this because you are strong, and worthy :-)

  17. Well, you certainly sound a lot more upbeat than you did at the beginning of the year. I hope the support will keep on coming (although having text messages at 1am?) when you feel on top of the world again.

  18. not that i'd ever wish the hardship or pain on anyone but i am so glad you've been able to find so much support and realize how much there is to be had.

  19. Isn't it amazing how you discover how many people love you in this season? :)!


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