Wednesday, 23 June 2010


a selection of trees
probably a century old or more
from within
my secret garden

l wonder 
how many trees can be named 
from this silhouette of leaves

 l love looking skyward 
and being under the canopy of branches

solid, old, strong, wise, dependable
is this the tree or what l'm looking for...

old trees bring out the hugs in me...


  1. they slow me too, saz
    beg me to touch them
    realize my young

    i'm glad you spend time like this.
    it's good for the soul.


  2. It's really good to have these trees to go and sit under and relax. I love trees and plant a few more every year up at the cottage.

  3. That's so lovely. I hope they heal you too my friend x

  4. I love the secret garden and the strength of the trees. ........ you are gaining strength each day, just like the them.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Glorious perspectives, Saz ..

  6. I love old trees as well...something very sage about gnarly branches...wise to the seasons and deep in days...So very comforting as well...reminding me that the day's cares are really simply a passing moment by comparison to the length of days observed by the ancient tree.

    In fact,I think you have inspired me, dearest. I took a photo recently of an old's sitting in my drafts folder as part of a future post...but I believe I may pick up my paintbrushes...and try to capture that tree on canvas...

    Your photos are simply incredible, darlin' You capture everything with your creative and unique perspective...You've got SUCH an eye for composition...but I feel foolish for saying so...because after all, I'm simply stating the obvious...sigh. Words fail me.

    And speaking of words...the words you pair with the photos? Well, they truly reveal the beautiful soul that you are! Have a wonderful week, dear friend...

    BTW, I've kept an eye out for you today...but no luck, obviously. You are in my thoughts! (Sorry so long winded here...**sheepish grin**)

    Love you, Janine XOXO

  7. Ahhhh. These are my kinds of trees-- Old with history and stability that call my name. You are so lucky to have them close :-)

  8. I miss big old trees, with trunks you couldnt wrap your arms around. Here we just have pine, spruce and birch. Gets kinda dull after a while.

  9. There is something about old trees!

  10. the trees keep me sane. they hide me away from the world. may you find solace in them.

  11. They bring out the hugs in me too. Love me some trees.


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