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time out

I have some time on my hands,
  my doctor has signed me off work for 4 weeks 
and I am under instructions to relax, 
be kind to myself and to let things wash over me. 

In the last few months
I have probably done a little too much coping,
much hiding in my work and a bit too much overtime,
 now I find that l am facing an impenetrable brick wall

So I intend to do as l am told,
enjoy without guilt some morning lay ins,
some must do walking and cycling in the evenings, 
with a rest on my favourite bench,
breathing in deeply of my surroundings

(my bike resting in Rickerby Park, Carlisle)

I have organised my paints and pastels,
bought a couple of fresh canvases
and even had a stab at a large pastel landscape

I am all signed up on courses
including Tai Chi and Shiatsu
l intend to spend many hours in my healing place,
my new secret garden
literally smelling the old roses!


  1. How about getting a toy boy and some vertical jogging
    Works wonder for the circulation the mind and stress

  2. oooohhhh!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!! you are awful valleysmum...any idea where l might find one??


    saz x

  3. Whether you just indulge in the walkies and such, or in the... other things suggested above, I hope you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. I think you will be OK, the pointing on that wall looks a bit weak to me!

    That's a grand place to rest your velocipede, I used to walk across Rickerby Park every morning on the way to college. I lived at Stonyholme Cottage beside the Golf Club for two years.

    The rose is quite beautiful!

    Enjoy your rest time.

  5. I am laughing .. the doctor said take it easy he didnt say sign up for courses, cycling or any other strenuous activity ... go get a nice book and sit in the park and relax!

  6. Mmmm...that rose smells wonderful...and so gorgeous...and your pastel painting, dearest? Extraordinary...just like you! You've captured a mood, a feeling...something I so admire about all of your work. I am so glad that you have time out...time in the is so richly deserved. Wish I could climb on a plane and come join you...sigh...but I am with you in spirit! Love you much! Janine XO

  7. That's my girl. Decide that for the next four weeks you, YOU are going to INDULGE YOURSELF. That is the rose I must have in my beautiful.

  8. So this is you taking it easy?!! I think the doc means sitting in the sunshine reading a book - although taking on a toy boy does sound quite entertaining and it could be restful...afterwards!

  9. enjoy enjoy- every minute. You can indulge in the process of being rather than doing. I am getting used to it and recommend it

  10. Oh I feel your pain. And have had similar advice myself. Rest means rest and your list is busy busy busy. How about trying just being and take it from there.

  11. My doctor didn't order me to rest. My body demanded that I leave my position. I am already restless and tempted to sign up for things. My body says no.
    Walks with the dogs and a good diet. I am hoping I can get my body back to cooperation. I have too much to do before I sleep!

  12. hope you do take the doctors orders to heart. That is a lovely photo od your rose.

    Gill in Canada

  13. My daughter's fiance practises Shiatsu. Supposed to be very therapeutic.

    Beautiful painting on the easel, you talented girl.
    Charge your batteries up well and let's hope the brick wall vanishes soon.

    Take care ~ Eddie x

  14. As soon as I read the beginning, I thought "Go to your secret garden and get some R & R." Glad to see it's on your list of "medicines." Take good care of yourself. :D

  15. This time is a gift...enjoy and savour every day.
    Feed your soul with all that speaks to you...and if you can find a copy of Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach...start is a lovely book that teaches you to rediscover YOU!
    Wishing you success...
    Hugs from the Hostess

  16. Love the bike shot! ENJOY yourself and sleep in every chance you can!

  17. Make the most of it ... but don't get disheartened if you find that you don't get the time for the painting... better to relax totally

  18. Oh dear. I am sorry you are not well. Things have been tough for you this year. Your doctor sounds amazing. Each time I go to mine with a complaint, she says that it is caused by the menopause. Everything! Constipation, urinary infections, even flu.

  19. good for you Saz!! soak it all in, and let the negative stuff drift far far away. :) btw.. pastel is gorgeous!!!

  20. may it all be as restorative as intended.

  21. Sounds like good advice - be kind to yourself. WM x

    PS I want your bike!

  22. I just looked at your favorites list. I think we might be twins.

  23. Back in the 80s as a young full time working mom who was trying to be super-employee/super-wife/super-mom/super-human being and never taking any time for my own inner self I ended up having a major physical/emotional collapse. I was ordered to take time off, too, and my doctor told me I'd worn myself so far down it'd take me a year to get back to 'normal'. Whatever normal is. But it taught me a valuable lesson, to try to listen to the 'inner me' and find the this crazy life I'm living at the moment once again, to TAKE some time for myself to refresh my battery. A bad health year in 2008 also showed me one truly needs to stop and smell the roses now and then. And what a beautiful rose you've chosen to do so! Here's hoping your rest will rejuvenate you, too.

  24. Loving the colors in your lanscape. So pretty.


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