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The Secret Garden

As the weather gets better
and the sun shines through

As the evenings get longer 
and l struggle with the heat in the apartment
(and my own fluctuating temperatures)

I long to be sitting quietly
amongst the branches and the greenery
of my own secret garden

this is Chatsworth Square
a Victorian residential town square
designed for the great and the good of Victorian Carlisle
the garden is chained and locked,
there only for the residents of the square

my road runs behind the square and 
I can peek out over
to this greenery from my kitchen and bathroom windows
if l stretch and crane my neck

last week I wrote of the beckoning lilacs, 
and how l  poached a handful of blooms 

the lush square
offers four gates within its belt of  ironwork fencing
north, south, east and west facing

this is the south gate
... which l dream would be my gate!

l peer through and covet the space
seemingly unspoiled,
lightly maintained not highly manicured

it calls to me
l feel its pull,
a tension as l walk past

a healing place
to rest 
to mend
and take time

I want in, 
I need in...

(I have a plan...
no...l shall not climb nor trespass...
watch this space!)


  1. It does look lovely, you'll have to sneak in.

  2. Just passing after reading the news!! These peaceful scenes - such a contrast to the horror.
    Just hoping you are alright - my thoughts with the people of Cumbria.

  3. AND SO....May the mischief and mayhem begin, dearest Saz!!! Can't wait!!! (Couldn't resist commenting... shouldn't be here...too much to do...but I saw you posted on FB...and just had to come...) And now that I'm here, I'm ready to jump the fence with you ;-) Just say the word (laughing). Love you! Janine XO

  4. Oh my, that is the most perfect hidden garden! I can't wait to hear your plan. Do you need a wingman?


  5. Now I'm intrigued...I want to know how you will get in.

  6. Oh yes, you definately need to get into that space. Beauty like that should be shared.

  7. I hope you get your wish .. I would love to see it from the inside through your eyes!

  8. oh i will be anxious to see how your plan comes to fruition!

  9. I really feel for you. That place looks so enticing in its tranquility.
    I would slowly die without any garden, no matter how small.
    I am thankful of a shady private place to sit but sometimes feel I am not able to maintain the plot as I should. Must be thankful that I have a plot.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Just looking at the shade from the trees and the pretty ever so green grass, I can feel it totally! I can just imagine standing there at the gate, feeling the warmth of the sun and smelling the grass and the trees....sigh**!

    Can we all just go, jump over the gate and hide out under the shade of the trees and let the world disappear just for one afternoon?...wonderful!

  11. How deliciously and frustratingly tantalising!

    There's a sort of private, but public garden near us which daughter and I frequent and I've been thinking of writing about it for a while. You've inspired me to take my camera next time I go and then write about it.

  12. Remember "Notting Hill" and the secret garden?
    The idea is so enchanting, on the other hand, having it right before you and being kept out by a closed gate seem so uncharitable. I hope you find away to enjoy the spoils of this garden without having to resort to climbing fences! ;-)

  13. I know - you're going to get the job as their gardner.

  14. Watch for the spikes on that gate as you shin over, you wild thing, you!

    Thinking of you in your Cumbrian garden as the sadness unfurls over the green pastures there like the corners of a linen handkerchief...

    Love you and your wildness,

    Fhi xxx

  15. Just the lilacs themselves make ME want to be there. Can't wait to see what plan you have in mind...

  16. cunning... you need cunning... probably :-)

  17. Good health is above wealth.健康重於財富,要保重自己哦! ....................................................

  18. Perhaps it is your destiny to be living there because you will meet people who live in the square - and they will invite you into their lives and perhaps their garden.

  19. Take a little folding chair and plop yourself down in front of the gate. With luck, someone will see you from the inside and come to investigate. Tell them your sad sad story of not having such a beautiful garden (none at all, in fact) and how your hubby tossed you out...with even more luck, they'll take pity and invite you inside! :D
    If that doesn't work, catch a flight and I'll let you sit in my garden to your heart's content! :D


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