Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I haven't much to report, l haven't anything to write about
perhaps l am more chilled than l realize,
so all l can tell you is that l have been quietly doing things

... drinking tea, eating toast with Jeremy Vine
and fiddling in the front 'garden
an overgrown 12' x 4' frontage

being home means l have been able to create this... 
in what was an overgrown wasteland...

removing all the 'growth'
l found this rockery underneath 
which a neighbour tells me was a previous owners pride and joy             

                                               so four hours work. and this is more presentable...


  1. This is Loverly!! I'm sure all your neighbours are very pleased at how you've beautified the area.

  2. Nice. I like the blue pots, they look fresh. It all looks clean and tidy and well looked after. Well done you x

  3. Oh that's lovely, did you enjoy the toil? How fab to have created something so lovely.

    Love your breakfast table too. It all looks so peaceful and welcoming. I sense you are doing all the right things



  4. Looks lovely. You dont live too far away from me Saz- come and sort my garden out please?

  5. How pretty!
    Love the portmerion crockery BTW...it is so beautiful!
    Looks like you are very chill.

  6. I dig the rock garden. Very zen like from the upstairs view. Nice job.

  7. The "treatment" is obviously working. You have been busy, it's looking good. I love the top shot, says a lot and very atmospheric too.

  8. How lovely your little garden is - well worth the effort you've put in. :)

  9. Saz, it looks absolutely marvelous and gardening is perfect sort of relaxation activity. I hope you're doing well and that the time off is doing the job of mending things :-)

  10. Fabulous garden!
    Your former neighbour would be pleased knowing how beautifully you resurrected the rock garden. Love the blue pottery, waiting like sentinels for you to come home.

  11. Oh nice ... pretty up the view!

  12. Lor'luvya sweetie! Now you can make a plan for next year. Grow the seeds on that lovely windowsill. Wish I was sitting there sharing a cuppa.

  13. Sigh. There you go again...doing all my favorite things...tea and Portmeirion...gardening...You are simply wonderful...(okay, now you can laugh 'cause here I go again...) fabulous, superb, fantastic...let's see...how many other enthusiastic adjectives can I come up with? Well, maybe I should save some for another day ;-) Love you! (but of course, you already know that) ~Janine XO

  14. What a nice treasure you uncovered! It's lovely.

  15. Growing beautiful things is a wonderful way to spend your time. Enjoy!

  16. Ooo, Portmeirion, how lovely! What a great job you've done on the garden. I always try to have tubs at the front of the house to welcome me home after a hard day's work.

  17. You are nearer to God in a garden, than anywhere else on earth...Not sure who said that, but someone did......

  18. lovely that you've been able to restore it. i do love the rocks with the flowers.


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