Monday, 10 May 2010

Window seat

l sit perched upon my bar chair
a steaming cup of tea breathes succour
and a book placed aptly for company

a pretty pen and empty paper,
nearby at the ready
a staple to exhort rheumy thoughts

the kitchen window is painted shut
listed, it waits permission to open
and take in the fresh spring air

the washing machine whirls defiantly
cracking the peace
longer it seems than usual
l wait for silence

edging toward the low part of the day,
the sun beams through the window
so much more


  1. I love your window, the glass is very pretty did you paint it yourself?

    We also have listed windows painted shut! :/

  2. What a pretty window and the view too. Seems like a nice area.XXX

  3. Moannie - these houses were built in the early 1800's victorian but in the georgian style..for the great and the good of Carlisle...

    so the councillors and magistrates...and it is a 'good' area, mostly private residential in our street, we are next door to the Conny association, so nice and quiet....

    our street is set bewteen two lovely leafy green squares...

  4. I love your window and the pretty things you put on the 'ledge' .. I especially like the dangling thing ... and your words .. so very soothing and soul filling .. really ..

  5. That's a very pretty view from your window...I like how you have chosen a few pieces to add interest as you gaze beyond.
    It looks like a great place to be inspired to write and ponder life...with a mug of tea!

  6. Damned nice view you've got there. I could sit and stare out of that window for hours, I believe. Much traffic? From the parked cars, I'd guess so. All the more interesting!

  7. Agree about the view and I love the words too - very thoughtful. Glad to see you're still blogging! GBS x

  8. That's a beautiful view you've shared.. but what's seen with your eyes and with your mind. Pretty pieces on the ledge and frame too.

  9. I just love that window and all the pretty things that are perched on it. Lovely view and a good poem inspired by it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. And yes, there is so much more ahead for you, Saz....D

  11. Saz ... imagine the possibilities always. Your insights are impeccable. Poignant and so meaningful to this steel magnolia. Cheers! ~Alice

  12. That's my kind of view! I love colored glass in a window.

    "...the sun beams through the window promising
    so much more...." I love that!

    Have a great week,

  13. I love your ruminations, they exude domestic peace and contentedness at heart (darn the washing machine - but at least we don't have to do the actual washing nowadays!).

    Your picture with the red door and the spring-green wines and the brick wall and white windows is a poem by itself.

  14. Enjoyed that Saz. A reflective moment full of promise.

  15. So much inspiration to be gained, gazing through that seen in the beauty of the lines you've penned...and SO MUCH MORE!!!! Love you so much, dear Saz...beautiful words, gorgeous photo...fabulous lady! Love, Janine XO

  16. Is it me or are you getting trim :). Cute picture!!

  17. I should know that area. Much better that Raffles!! The buildings round there are beautiful.


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