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Warming the home...

Traditionally housewarmings celebrate the move into a new house which has been plotted and planned for amid much excitement. My recent house move was anything but that on several levels. But on friday evening l had a flat warming which surpassed all expectations!

Persuaded by a girlfriend who endlessly asked me to 'make the effort... go on it'll do you good..'.. until l collapsed under the pressure. l girded my loins, inappropriately perhaps, and I gave out the invitations two weeks ago for a '...tea party from 4pm, followed by something stronger from 8pm...'

I invited friends and work colleagues, old and new; and at 4pm on the dot, whilst l was still applying my eyebrows and lippy, two guests arrived and from then on until early evening over 24 people arrived, some just popped in, other stayed a good few hours, some lingered until after midnight.

The evening was just lovely. Everyone was very kind, supportive and encouraging. Three of my son's infant teachers attended (I used to work with them also) and it was wonderful catching up with each others stories. I think even after he left the safety of his room, having previously said, 'I have no wish to watch a group of fifty somethings get wasted!'  he seemingly quite enjoyed meeting his infant teachers again and seeing the place busy with friends and colleagues. Before he left for his own evening out.

Our living room, attic room, kitchen and stairs was dusted with people who reflected life, wisdom and  an attitude of loyalty which  l cannot help but absorb and be overwhelmed by. The atmosphere in the flat is still suffused with the colours and scent of the cala lilies, tulips and roses, not to mention cases of wine and the bottles of Bombay gin l now own!

I feel a key moment has just passed and l got through it wrapped in a protective blanket of supporters, and  that l have been injected with a vial of confidence and optimism. I hope there are few spares handy, just in case l need a top up!


  1. There's nothing like a great party with nice people for making life feel good.

  2. It sounds as if you had a great night! Hope the housewarming gifts were great too...

    By the way, I loved your poems about singledom. They were right on the button!

  3. So fabulous!!! Like you!!! EVERYONE IMPORTANT LOVES YOU, dearest Saz!! Of that, there can be no doubt! Onward and stop on your amazing adventure...'cause that's just the way this is going to turn out!You are rising...a bright star...So glad the party was such a huge deserve that!!! Love you, Janine XOXO

  4. Wish I could have been there to help you celebrate your new home and support you on your new adventure. If you ever get to Peoria, stop on by! We'd have much to discuss!

  5. It looks lovely and you deserve all your great support. I am glad it went well. Good luck to you

  6. That sounded really lovely and I am so glad that you girded up your loins!
    Lets hope that the house warming will be the first of many satisfactory gatherings.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Well, Saz, it sounds like a good time was had by all, including the hostess and that is truly wonderful. Isn't that terrific! How nice to be surrounded by friends who have spanned the years and are still there, as well as newer ones who have come into your life! May it continue to be that way in all the years to come.

  8. What a great idea! And so happy for you that so many are happy for you. lol

  9. i am so happy to hear so many people came out to buoy you and the confidence it left you with. truly, friends are such a treasure in life.

  10. Glad you enjoyed the evening. People will gather and support if we just open up.

  11. Cheers as well from all your blogging buddies!

  12. Such a lovely, warm home for a housewarming! Love your new blog title.

  13. What wonderful experience, I am so happy for you (and would have certainly dropped in, had I been somewhat closer by!).

    So funny, you commented on my blog while I was on my way here, so to speak.

    A wonderful week to you,

  14. This was just what the doctor ordered! So happy you "girded your loins" and had a terrific time!

  15. Sounds like a great evening! Cathartic? Is that the correct word?

    Here's to the future.

  16. Your flat looks lovely am glad you had a great time .... sometimes we need to move out of our comfort zone ..... and it looks as though u have ...... the future will be just fine for you, have been there myself xx

  17. I am much more content knowing that you have so many people who love you, sweetheart. What amazing reserves of courage you have, and Lawd love the Boy.

  18. That sounded fantastic. What a great idea - I bet you're glad your friend pursuaded you!

  19. First off Saz, I love your new avatar picture! It suits you, it looks lively and cheery, ready for fun :-) Very fitting.

    As was your party. I know that this new life was sort of thrust upon you, but I love that it is a gently unfolding adventure, with unexpected freedoms, and thrills. That's what you deserve, an unfolding adventure. Something about your online personality has always suggested that.

    I hated that you were hurt, you certainly didn't deserve that. But you did, and do, deserve a life in which people tell you in all sorts of ways, "You are an interesting, fun, special person." by showing up for tea, something stronger, or just a good gossip.

    I'm glad you're feeling the fun of being free.

  20. It's always good to have supportive friends about, no matter the occasion. Good for you!

  21. Congratulations, Saz, on a wonderful get-together with supportive friends. I'm really happy for you...and for your new beginning.

  22. This sounds like just the boost you needed. I bet you are glad you were talked into it. Well done xx

  23. Saz,

    What an awesome way to get introduced into a new life! It couldn't possibly get any better!! Sometimes we don't know how much support we really have until we are surrounded by them all. I am soooo happy for you.

    This was perfect! Great, great, great for you my dear Yay!...:-D

  24. How lovely! Good idea - I bet the home feels a bit warmer now.

  25. Soooooooooo pleased you had a fab time. Wish we could have been there too...

    A great new start, remember these times, there will be may more :)

    Hugs x

  26. wish I was there partying with you and your buds.

  27. What a wonderful party. 24 people with two of them actually on time! Wow.
    Congrats and may it be the first party of many in your lovely home.

  28. That sounds like my kind of party. I feel my own housewarming party coming on...

    By the way, I had a very good meal out in Herne Bay this week. When are you planning your next visit?

  29. hey, well done you (and nagging friend) sounds brilliant!

  30. That was the perfect thing to do and the perfect outcome!

  31. I am so glad it you had a lovely time, I would have expected no less of a woman such as you who attracts friends like a magnet! The place looks wonderful .. you look more settled in your short time there than we do after upteen years in our's.

  32. Think of you often. I love your new flat. I'm glad you had this ritual of welcome into your new place and new forward-looking life phase. xoxoxo


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