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basket case anyone?

okay, yeah, so some of my posts and poetic writings hover on the side of melancholy, and that's ok.
l've only recently separated from my husband, it's not been three months, and l'm not a basket case if you are worrying, so don't, l am fine, in fact l think l'm better than fine. I've been unhappy for sometime, l am able to see this more clearly than before,
when l just believed myself to be mildly depressed, which it turns out l haven't been actually and l am reassured that  unhappiness manifests itself identically,
in fact unhappiness can make one depressed but not depressive,
there is a difference and to me that makes a difference. Perspective.

last year l was wallowing in the loneliness of the impeding empty next syndrome, albeit two years in advance, now with the situation brought to a head by others, my daughter now lives with her father, well someone has to l guess, cos it aint gonna be me, so she has left earlier and my pondering on gloom was wasted time and energy

I now have a newborn verve for the future
l'm back inside the pockets of anything can happen
and mistress of my own destiny..... and l find this exciting!!!
No need to get out the willow

just yet...


  1. heh, the whole world is at your doorstep so grab your hat and start having fun. We are all in charge of our own destiny and since the mothering isn't full time right now ...leave that dpressive state behind and develop some cool, new interests that put you in that euphoric state.....perspective IS a wonderful thing....

  2. Good to hear! Good things will come!

  3. I like the sound of empty next syndrome, rather than the usual empty nest syndrome.

    Your way sounds much more optimistic!

  4. Saz, yes! It is all about perspective. Breathe in the unhappiness, make friends with it then let it go. It is a universal emotion. We have all been there. Or will. You are now emerging into the sunshine. Let it wash over you. And be good to you. Cheers!

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mistress! May you live long and prosper, while setting your ex's bitterness on fire - I love you and many thanks for your love and support to me - It means so much - And I am still hankering after that scarlet velvet opera coat, darn you! Love you, Fhi xxx

  6. Look at you! I know you never thought it would happen - but it is! Life is returning - your own life - a life of your own choosing!! And that's what makes it so fantastic!

    btw - congrats! and - love the new pic of look like a woman who is happy with herself.

  7. So glad you're getting on with life and beginning to enjoy it again. :D

  8. Inspiring for me to day! (I have been wallowing in leaving primary school syndrome) I really appreciate your words, thank you for sharing xx

  9. Love your take on things. It's so ok to be sad, down and depressed etc but equally there comes a frisson of excitement because you can do whatever the hell you want to. I am 27 months free and it's been hard after a couple of decades together and it's all about rediscovery. Good luckx

  10. Are they triffids?

    Great attitude you have on your situation and your perspective on unhappiness vs depression I like as well.

  11. Great to see you are living up to your blog name - Feisty lady. Yay!

  12. I am pleased that you are coming to terms with your new found freedom. It is exciting because I think you find out more about your true strengths. Hope your daughter comes to see you.

    Nuts in May

  13. I am in love with this. And look at you! Your new photo! This is your chance, isn't it? And here you are!


  14. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Go girl :)



  15. words that have brought comfort and inspiration x

  16. You need to remember how strong you are ... and embrace that ... you've so much talent .. get that camera out, woman, and then get out and take more photos!!!!!!!

  17. Good for you! No use being gloomy when so many good things are out there waiting for you! Go get 'em! Love the new photo, by the way.

  18. Yes, very good for you! I hadn't visited for a while and have only recently discovered that you have dropped the fat and frumpy to become fab and feisty. That is what I call attitude.

  19. Yes! Yes! Yes! hugs and love and more hugs.

  20. Yes yes, you are in control of your destiny and it is a great time to be a woman! Onwards and upwards Saz xx

  21. YOU are WONDERFUL!!! And I love you!!! You go, girl! I'm giving you a standing ovation!!! Love always, Janine XO

  22. Don't you find it a bit scary though? For me it's a mixed blessing. The chance to go out and explore what I want to do, but at the same time, I fe oo old to start all over again.

  23. it's strange how our perspective change change so suddenly and we are surprised by our own reactions. wishing you much joy in the exciting possibility.

  24. "Mistress of my own destiny..." I like the sound of that! You go girl.

  25. Great attitude.. good for you. :)

  26. Personally, I think people are too ready to label each other depressed. In many cases even apply medication.

    I believe, much of the time, sadness comes from circumstances. That emotion is normal. Unhappy situations make us sad, sometimes to the extreme. We are human, we have emotion, we feel.

    You are not, by no means, a basket case! lol! When I divorced my husband, sure I was "sad", even depressed. However, happiness was right there as well. It was just a matter of time to adjust to my new way of living with 4 kids in tow.

    We will always have some kind of circumstances that life throws at us, but that doesn't mean we are not happy.

    You are awesome! You go girl!

  27. Congrats are in order yet again.. Isn't that moment of possibility, the wide open spaces really exciting? Enjoy, enjoy...


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