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woman in the window

... as I look out of my living room window...

what do l see?

Victorian town houses....

and ....

  do you see her....?

 Breakfast at Chiswick Street?

click any image to enlarge
(genuine no photoshopping)


  1. Did you Photoshop that, or is it really in the window? Either way, it's amusing, charming, and so appropo!

  2. What a charming view you have.
    With Miss Hepburn living just across the street from you and apparently watching everything you do... looks like big adventures are in store.

  3. Looks like Audrey Hepburn! What a cool way to liven up a window in a place that looks just like everyone else's! Love it! :D

  4. Had to come right back as I had a thought.

    Get a photo of Cary Grant looking back at her! Never know what might come of it! lol

  5. Picture 2 looked really creepy until it became clear in Picture 3 who it was. Why has someone done this? A friend of mine has a full-size blow-up version of Cliff Richard. I will suggest this to her.

  6. Charming! All you're missing is a trip to Tiffany.

  7. Holly Golightly as I live and breathe! What a beauty she was...lovely post, Saz

  8. At first, it was a bit creepy. Still not sure if it's not a little creepy. Yes, she's pretty, but it reminds me of something out of an old fashion horror movie.

    Not particularly fond of it. I'm do apologize. I am the scary type. :-D

  9. Slightly unhinges me... (but, then, not far to go there.)

    I used to live in Chiswick! W4 3DQ

    (sigh, good memories...)

  10. i'm not sure that's a woman but I love the building.

  11. Oh, too, too perfect!!! Love it!!! You are in perfect company! I KNEW that such a Classy Lady like you would fit right in!!!! Such a beautiful neighborhood for a beautiful lady!!! You are wonderful! And this post just makes me grin from ear to ear!! Love you!!! Janine XOXO

  12. I'm laughing hysterically over Leslie's suggestion...just had to say...~Janine XO

  13. How cool is that! Will she sit there all day and night or do you figure she'll just wait until dark? ;)

  14. What a delightful photo! Must cheer everyone up to see Hepburn gazing out over the street!

  15. I like that! Cosy street.
    Now all you need is a pair of binoculars!

    Nuts in May

  16. Just poped by to see how u were doing
    Happy to see the humour in tact , the unpacking almost done, gin drinking proceeding and life being redirected
    Be bold xxx

  17. Wasn't she gorgeous! I love it, did you see her after you had taken the photo?

  18. What a coincidence - over the weekend I rang my Folks. Dad answered ans said Mum was watching a film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

    Mum phoned when it was over, telling me she'd never seen it before. Yet I've seen it at least twice on TV while still living at home.

    Cary Grant or Gregroy Peck for your window? Or something completely different and at even more beautiful! (like yourself, dear Saz)

  19. Yikes!

    Have you met the person across the way? Looks like she (he?) might have a good sense of humor.

  20. Haven't spotted Lord Lucan in there as well have you?

  21. I love that!!

    congrats on POTW

  22. Not sure how I missed this super post .. but I am back after reading Hilary's to say Congrats on the
    POTW mention!

  23. Great photos. Congratulations on the potw. Certainly, the effect is odd. On the other hand, no stranger than a neighbor zooming in at your window, taking photographs, and posting them for all the world.

    We'll let that part slide ;-) Everyone is insane, once you really get to know them.

  24. Haha! How marvelous, a little bit startling for you, but an added smile to the day, eh?

    What a beautiful little area you live in, and I love the Hepburn window treatment!

    There was a big craze here...on gosh...back when my son was little, so a while back, where people would have cardboard cut out cats or dogs that they stuck in windows. Just a photo of a cat or a dog, pasted onto cardboard. They were rather popular decorations. Then the same company decided to the same thing with a crawling baby!!

    So you'd see things like "Baby crawling off of rooftop." "Baby apparently clinging upside down to window frame." Hehe, very startling!

    That's what your post brought to mind. My favorite was someone who'd mounted their roof with the cat cutout, and so from the right angle, it looked as if the cat was throwing itself into the chimney.

  25. Scary when you first see that!

  26. LOVELY VIEW. Who is she indeed?


  27. congrats on the POTW...and how do you sleep knowing she is staring at you? smiles.

  28. Congratulations on the POTD Award!

    Love the wit behind that face in the window.
    I have seen a similar setup not so long ago. Is there some Secret Society of Breakfast at Tiffany's fans? Where there's Holly, there's breakfast? Or is it diamonds stashed away? As Holly would say, "Oh, golly gee damn!" :-)

  29. I think she likes what she sees...she is smiling...

  30. I do see her. But I expected to see Erin :)!

  31. Whoever lives there has a great sense of humor. Fun for all the passers-by.

  32. Congrats on your Post of the Week mention from Hilary. This is a very fun post. Love the window-owner's sense of humor.


  33. I LOVE this! What a great find. Is that Audrey??

    Wonderful POTW mention!

  34. How funny, Audrey's keeping an eye on you!


  35. You live in a picturesque neighborhood. I once thought about being the only person awake in a New York neighborhood. Would that be lonely?

  36. Isn't it great fun to play with the computer...I would materialize some tall, dark and handsome man
    ( nice ), with lots of money, and a truly charming personality, if I could, but alas, there are limitations!

  37. I presume George Peppard lives around the corner? Great fun; congratulations on your POTW from Hilary!

  38. That's interesting window decor! Congrats on your POTW with Hilary!

  39. I didn't know what to say first time around - but now I've come back for another look and I see everyone is having a good go at it. Lots of great ideas for you.

    What are you thinking of putting in your window now besides a red lava lamp?

  40. The title of this post made me stop, of course, and all that it entails. And this movie, that I have just recently watched for the first time, holds a great deal of significance for me. What a great surprise to see this...for you to have seen this.

    Hope you're well Saz. I have to check in!


  41. That's great. Bet it spooked you at first though. ;0) xx

  42. chic mama and all- truly spooked me at first, as l let out a crooked screech actually....then a laugh...always thought the film lovely but slighty over hyped on plot etc...but the stle oh the style...

    l think it is a screen actually as sometimes you can just see her against the is a lovely novelty though...

  43. LOL-that was funny. Beautiful pics.

  44. you go saz! new lingerie is a great way of making oneself feel wonderful!!! - and sexy too!


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