Monday, 26 April 2010


Perhaps it's the lilting cadence in a post
that will catch me out

I can fall sideways in to the flat of the day

the small vulnerable moments
when something innocuous can trip you off guard

An evocative smell or a memorable song
is overwhelming

the light smell of a face powder.
a suggestion of vintage perfume

a random melody from a car radio
evokes searing memories
across the heart

and sticks in the throat
powerful, raw, achingly painful

l'm skating on the ice of sadness


  1. Powerful indeed .. now turn it around, embrace it and use it to make yourself even stronger than you are .. 'cause you are strong! xo

  2. You are writing such similar poetry as my sister these days; she's going through a deep depression and needs an outlet for her feelings, hence her poetry. I'm going to send her over here, in hopes that she will see she's not alone in "skating on the ice of sadness."

  3. I love that last line! Courage, Saz, life is is much like a teeter-totter, sometimes we go up, sometimes down. To drop out of one, we need to get down first.

  4. A beautiful poem.. .I can relate.

    Remember - that this too will pass.

  5. And there is the screaming frustration of not being able to just touch you Sarita,stuff letting them fly the nest XXXXX

  6. quite nice. I've been there.. for me it was a one-day-at-a-time process.

    Take care of yourself.

  7. Now that you own the pain, breathe it in. Open your heart. Connect it with the same emotion felt by all humankind the world over. Own it. Make friends with it. And then exhale. Letting it go. It will bring inner peace. Namaste.

  8. Aw, Saz! Beautifully written, but I'm so sorry to hear the final line. Have yourself a libation or two, with a friend or two, which will hopefully lead to a laugh or two, OK?

  9. Brought tears to my eyes Saz. Beautifully written and achingly true.



  10. Wow- that brought tears to my eyes. I am still in that "just starting to deal with it" stage as well. Hang on-it has to get better! I sure hope so.

  11. I've been on that pond, but not because of my ex!

  12. Sara-ya know, i'm not so sure it's a bad place to visit. I think it may be as equally important as happiness. Just so there's a balance. Love how you put it.

  13. That is a beautiful poem and I know exactly how you are feeling - it's always those little things that catch you off guard. Thinking of you. Hope you're doing OK Lx

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  15. Sorry to hear that you're feeling sad. I hope it's a small pond to skate and that there are greener pastures ahead.

  16. Eventually you will be doing pirouettes and the high splits - spinning and spinning and spinning with your arms and hands making beautiful silhouettes - and you will be aching for the ice so you can let your spirit free once more.

  17. Oh, darling Saz...You have written a spectacular poem...and yet, it is so very heart-wrenching. I'm so are truly grieving...and I keep missing you on line! I hope I catch you are in my thoughts...I love you...Janine XO

  18. I know that ice. It doesn't last forever.

  19. i suppose it's like mourning anything and these moments become fewer and fewer spaced further and further apart. in the meantime be gentle with yourself.

  20. You've painted the picture so well ... I understand what you're feeling.


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