Thursday, 13 May 2010


the joys of singledom
having my king size bed to myself
tidying up less, less mess
not having to ask, consider nor compromise
my mind is clearer less fogged
time, lots of time
items of my choosing, my taste
fresh flowers
books more books and then some
a busy coffee table
singing out loud
a cluttered home as opposed to a minimalist
no sshhhh  shushing
a new found interest in girlishness
less clock watching
plates of steamed green veg, buttered & peppered
chocolate in bed
excitement at what could be...
what l want, when I want and where l want...

the sadness of singledom
having my king size bed to myself
feeling selfish
no shared moments of unspoken understanding
shared histories
being more than just myself, extending beyond self
no more family moments,
chocolate in bed
guilt, loss, guilt
long, long nights
no one to rub my back, keep me warm
more time than l know what to do with, for now...
lonely, but not alone...

...the future is a vast land of possibility


  1. i SO relate to this. The good and bad of singledom. It can be so painful and yet sometimes so calm. The loss of family moments. But don't forget that you are no doubt romanticising those moments because if you were all together now how would it be. Don't rush the divorce. No need unless it makes any difference to you financially. Take your time. You will need it. Lx

  2. You nailed it so poetically!

    Your inner strength will help you enjoy the good sides of singledom, I am sure of that.

  3. Saz...for some reason I lost track of your blog, around the time that you paused for a while. And I'm pleased to have discovered it again. I am reading back from the time that your life changed...and I sense that you are coping remarkably well. I've been through seperation and divorce so I know how it can be. But there are positives...lots of them. As your last sentence states "..the future is a vast land of possibility"...go on holding that thought.
    Linda x

  4. It will get better! Hang in there! I have my bad days (yesterday was one), but overall, the future is open and filled with lots of possibilities, as you say here :).

  5. PS I went to bed at 9 last night and slept all night :). I was exhausted.

  6. LOL at the cartoon.

    Love your last line... indeed it is

  7. That last line is the most important. And you'll make the most of them, I'm positive of that :-)

  8. So true - but each day brings new opportunity - make sure you are always ready for it!!


  9. ...the future is a vast land of possibility

    Yes, will be interesting to see what comes up in this block of space. Probably still chocolate in bed, perhaps so much more.

  10. Oh... happiness and sadness all mixed together. Sort of like life. Perplexing. I love your new title. It is hope filled for certain. I feel good things are coming your way!

  11. Beautifully said. I remember those days well. No matter that it was many many years ago, you never forget the highs and lows of living singly.

  12. Dearest Saz...this is simply perfect! You capture the two sides so are so wise...recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of both, you will rise above it all in renewed strength! You are such an inspirational lady! Love you so much! Janine XO


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