Friday, 9 April 2010

Malcolm McLaren RIP

essence of Style, SEX, sensuality...


  1. If it wasn't for Malcolm I woudln't be the well dressed woman i am today. I still have a penchatn for zips mind

  2. Ah, every generation has its mavens.

  3. I am still a little perturbed by how he repressed Vivienne (?), claiming pretty much all of her ideas as his own...

    Still a miss, though!

    And, as for Breakfast chez Saz, what a fab bunch of pictures you've taken, Saz -- Just incredible! Merci, my favourite person xox

  4. fhi, behind every man is well dressed, versed, sexy, brave, coming out of her shell wOman!!!

    SAZ X

  5. Loved this. Can't believe I was once mistaken for .....
    Think I might try that hairstyle.

  6. J'ai adoré, je n'ai aucune idée qui est l'homme mais Catherine Deneuve est à son mieux et les mots et la musique forment une ballade sensuelle

    Loved it, I don't have a clue to who the man is but C.D. is at her best and words and music make a sensual ballad

  7. She is so beautiful! And YOU are tres chic!!! You truly know style!! Love you! Janine XO


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