Thursday, 21 April 2011

a late springing

snow topped hills
peek out upon the horizon

last weeks frost lingers
in the thick earth

the sun is higher in the blue,
volcanic ash-free skies

bare branches stretch out
proudly showing off their new buds

crowded cafe tables
clutter the streets

renewed vigour and hope
drowns out
the winter blues

daffodils stand tall
wave bravely,

a new hairstyle
trashed in the fresh breeze

exposed hands and feet
in open toe shoes, chilled

manicured toes and fingernails,
defiantly painted slut red

sunglasses perched
at the ready on head

breathing deeply of the sweeter spring air
the promise of new beginnings


  1. Oh yes! I'm in a great mood just by reading this. Hope things keep getting better and better.

  2. Very nice.
    Full of fun and hope and attitude!

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  4. That's the way to do it, Sazzie. Sod 'em all and hallo a new beginning.

  5. renewed vigour and hope
    drowns out
    the winter blues

    < This, all this, wished for you, Saz, Fhi x

  6. Great imagery! Glad you sound so upbeat!

  7. new beginnings and fresh air, what goes better together?

  8. Lovely, even the bit about the trashed hairdo!

    City Centre Manchester was quite cosmopolitan today with everyone outside at the street cafes.

    Love Spring!

  9. Those blue skies did me a power of good too. New beginnngs for sure.

  10. Simply fabulous...just like YOU! I love this full of hope...yet giving a brief backward glance at that which has come before! "Sunglasses perched..." Yes, are anticipating brighter days ahead! And I am looking for them with you! With you all the way, dearest Saz! Beautiful poetry from a beautiful lady! Love you, Janine XO

  11. Saz- I like the eyse you're using these days. They see pretty pictures. keep it up!

  12. breathing deeply of the sweeter spring air
    the promise of new beginnings

    Absolutely! ... and I too have slut red fingers/toes!!!

  13. This is the art site I was wibbling on about - Don't know how it all works, only that I think Anne-Julie Aubrey started there... And, although your profile piccie is very lovely, it's no longer you, Saz! You are even more beautiful now, and my OH was ueber-amazed at how wonderful you look... Honestly, you look ten or twenty years younger than your years, at least, so there! xox

  14. I seem to have missed your posts for the last few weeks, apologies!

    I love this shot, beautiful...

  15. Lovely Saz, now I'm really set for Easter! I'd lost you for a bit, don't know what happened but so glad to find you again!

  16. Yay! Glad to find you over here (thanks to Moannie.) I'll bookmark you now.

  17. Oh so there you are. Was wondering what you'd been doing. Thanks for stopping by the blog and giving me the new info.

  18. To you, to spring, to hope,
    to life!

    I am so grateful that Moannie shared your whereabouts with us - I missed you!


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