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Capturing the Castle - Photostory Friday

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I haven't been taking photographs lately, like  a lot of things, it just hasn't been on my radar. When l left work yesterday evening the light was brighter as with each day our evening get longer, and l looked behind me at the Castle and noticed the dazzlingly tulips along the kerb. I knelt down to try and capture them in the foreground with the Castle peeking through.

As l walked the short way home through the town centre 
with my camera still in my palm I started noticing so many arched doorways

and in the 7 years working in the Museum l had never noticed
 the Museum's name in sandstone up on high.....
often we don't see for looking,
 on many levels.


  1. I love, absolutely adore, doorways and architectural treats. Have always wanted to create a book. You are well on your way. Thanks for sharing your charming town with us. Lucky you. Cheers!

  2. What gorgeous images you have taken. I am so glad that you shared your pretty pictures with us.

  3. What a wonderful job you must have! And a lovely walk to and from work. Lovely images - very similar to some I took on Monday at a little chapel near the hospital where DL was having his op.

  4. Working in a museum is my idea of the perfect job.

    I envy you your career -- and the tulips (mine aren't blooming)

  5. Such nice surroundings you have. You and your camera have lots of great sights to see.

  6. Wonderful shots, what an incredible walk to and from work, and an incredible looking workplace.

  7. Great shots. I thing David McMahon would have loved these too. Remember *The Doors*

    Must get back to Photostory Friday!

    Nuts in May

  8. Oh Saz, I am so glad you snapped these, they're so good .. you need to get out and do more ...

  9. Great shots, way to take a few moments and look at things a little differently. I love the different arched doorways you found.

  10. Yes, I agree with everyone...these are great shots and you must do more.

  11. The fact that you are noticing things again and photographing them is proof that you have moved into a new and revised state of mind, I reckon. It's a Good Thing.

  12. You live in such a beautiful place...and with your artistic gifts and camera, you bring us tremendous beauty! I am reveling in these shots, dearest Saz! Trying to wrap my heart around them...memorizing them to save for a day when life around me is dull...You really must do more of this! You are so incredible! Have a wonderful weekend, dearest Saz! Love you, Janine XO

  13. Love the photos. What a wonderfully beautiful place, your town! To look at a castle each day! No castles here.

  14. There's something about doorways, and arched ones even better. Lovely pictures.

  15. Terrific pictures. I have always loved photographing through archways, and the like. I also like cobblestones!

  16. i find looking at the world through the camera lens gives me an entirely different perspective. i too haven't been taking many pix lately - you have inspired me to get on with it again!

  17. It's always the way - you don't appreciate places as much when you live in them, but tourists see everything you don't. I probably know a fraction about London, because I take it for granted.

  18. i wish i lived near a castle *sigh*

  19. Beautiful photo essay!

    I learned to see with my camera,
    and also to remember what I saw.

  20. Love the way the building is named! How many times do we walk past buildings with this type of feature yet not see them?

    As an aside - why is your part of these Sceptred Isles an hour behind the rest of us??

  21. All lovely, but I especially like the arch in the wall, second-from last photo. For some reason, I get a slight feeling of deja vu when I look at it.

  22. Lots of I know where that is moments, for me!!

    Gill in Canada

  23. oh my! I love your archways!!

    thanks so much for visiting my petals post

  24. When I did my post grad in Library and Information Management we visited the archives in Carlisle Castle and I was blown away by the architecture of the area. What a brilliant place to work!! Considering I don't live that far away, and have a great friend in Brampton area, I really don't visit the city enough - tempus fugit and Toon is that bit nearer!

  25. I remember walking around there in the rain with you and Rich last year. We still have fond memories of our week 'up north'.

    Funny how, with all this change, we stop doing things we enjoy. It's the same for me. Feels strange.


  26. I suppose that at some thirty years distance, I can be forgiven for forgetting about all the arches in Carlise. I know it was a long time ago but I lived there for three years, it's a bit scary, all the things you forget.


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