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not dead yet

do you ever make yourself laugh?

I am at this moment wearing a pair of underpants the size of Wales, a bra that Jordan wouldn't sneer at and a pair of cute black ankle sox with peacock feathers..are you getting the picture? Not great I know and l don't give a flying fig.

I have just left our local M&S and walked a short way down the road to home. And l just started to smile, then snigger and then l laughed out loud! 

Having just visited their 'further reduction sale' I now have a bag full of silky sexy bra's, petticoats, camisoles and french knickers. Leopard print, coffee coloured silk, black lace and red satin all in a smaller cup and chest  than l've worn in two years. 'Cos l'm worth it and...

I'm obviously not dead yet!


  1. YES! How wonderful. No better treat than some lovely undies on sale! Now go get a new lipstick too, preferably in a color you dont already own. xo

  2. isn't it a lovely feeling to wear sexy undies - I don't do it often enough - comfy just seems to take over!

  3. It's a strange thing Saz, to pull into a pair of new pretty underwear. I mean, after being married and crawling into gran skivies in the dark half asleep, (me, not necessarily you) to pull on pretty is awfully shocking. Shocking in an i love to be alive kind of way.

    No, you ain't dead yet, hallelujah!


  4. I adore slinky sexy nighties and go girl! um, pics?

  5. Yay, you're finding the fun things you stopped doing already :-) Welcome back to you, and all that!

    I do make myself laugh, actually. Often I'm laughing at something perfectly ridiculous that I've done. It's important to be a self-entertaining unit.

    You have a wonderful weekend and may it be filled with much laughter.

  6. Thank you. Women don't blog about underwear nearly enough.

  7. Not anywhere near dead!! You are fully alive, and wonderful! Love you! Janine XO

  8. I do love nice lingerie but I must confess, alone at home, I usually sleep in a sweat shirt and sweat pants! San Francisco temperatures are usually chilly at night and I'm more about comfort. Now, if I had a nice hunk to snuggle with, it might be more about sexy!

  9. Oh divine Saz!! Enjoy!
    When I had my 'lover' I learnt the joy of gorgeous lingerie ;) hubby has never been a visual creature....hmm actually sometimes I'm not sure he's male at all :-/
    After my affair ended it all go rammed to the back of the drawer with too many memories.....
    Its gradually making a reappearance..who for? ME!!!! :D xx

  10. Woohoo you! Reborn is more like it. :)

  11. You'll never be dead, hon', you're just too vibrant, too you! Beautiful post, precious - Looking forward to seeing you very soon, you and Rufus! xox

  12. Yes you are worth it, however I'd put a few more clothes on when you're out shopping at M&S than just your pants, bra and socks if I were you!!! ;)

    (When does the sale end, have I got time to have a quick look?!)

  13. Yes, beautiful underware were my first divorce purchase :)!!

  14. -no l voculdnt possibly post a pic!

    - Taken them thar knickers out the back of the wardrobe, nay go buy more.

    - the sale is still on and l'm sure there will be more in your size Sub, difficult to find a sexy bra in 40c why is that!? wtf?

    - don't anyone confuse my new undies as a sign l have a man in tow...NOT!!!! Just my own sensory pleasures....if l can type that...ah just did.

    - Stephen, l concur, perhaps it is because it is a touch taboo? self indulgent or considered in appropriate...l think its very appropriate to our well being and self worth!! and if it pleases others, great! now a pic would be very displeasing l assure you...l prefer the mystery and imagination, at this point in proceedings!

    Fhina- did you get a ticket too!!!!!???say you managed to...

  15. you are indeed worth it and i am so glad you had a good grin and giggle :)

  16. You paint a stunning picture!

    The new image sounds much more interesting I better go and take one of my tablets and oxygen!!

    Thanks for your comment, The telly picture was just taken with my Nikon and flash. The tv has an LCD screen, perhaps that makes a difference?


  18. Please don't tell Jo that there's a sale on... Merseyside to Cumbria is no distance in her eyes if there's an M & S sale at the end of it.

  19. You go girl! You've made my 2 year old M&S cotton faithfuls seem rather dull now.

  20. You made me laugh out loud! *giggles*

    You go girl!!!

  21. Yay! Sexy undies are just what the doctor ordered!

  22. Having just found your blog and reading back a few comments, I think an armful of new lingerie from M&S is the perfect pick-me-up...

  23. Good for you!
    You are worth whatever it takes to make you happy.
    I love the feeling that you can laugh out loud without worrying what people think.
    I have got to that place too.

    Nuts in May

  24. Having a good laugh at ourselves is a great release! It's amazing how good we feel with new underwear and, in my case, lipsticks! Preferably worn at same time for good effect! (with clothes over, of course - (blushes!)

  25. Yes! Do this exercise at least twice a year!! I just bought new undies last week myself, just before my ex pulled into town from Beijing, where he has been living for the last 6 months. No, he won't be seeing them, but at least I know I've still got it... which is all I need to know! Same for you! Enjoy!

  26. So glad that you had a chuckle!! You are worth it!

  27. Great idea and I am pleased you are liking your new flat. Life is strange but it is still way better than the alternative!

  28. I love how you started the post in 'slouch wear' and ended up being a woman goddess lol.

  29. Love Toni's comment. Goddess wear would be a great name.
    I just indulged in my first piece of leather... it was amazing, the internal transformation!
    I'm all for self-indulgences, they make us feel good.

  30. I don't suppose you'd be up for modeling any of these new acquisitions? :-)

  31. There is nothing quite like your breasts pointing upwards and a good gusset to make a girl feel fab. go for it! and more often too !

  32. Good work!! Banish big gray pants from your life ....for life and never ever leave home in anything you wouldn't happily be seen dead in.

  33. I am hoping for a petticoats image or two. ;-)

  34. I am hoping for a petticoats image or two. ;-)

  35. I am hoping for a petticoats image or two. ;-)

  36. I am hoping for a petticoats image or two. ;-)

  37. I am hoping for a petticoats image or two. ;-)

  38. oh New undies how lovely! I miss M & S. And new a new under thing or 10 great idea! Tax filing day here in the USA is next week so I need to buy something to console myself. This fits the bill.

  39. Of course you're worth it and you are also now discovering yourself.... Its going to be fun - I'm still doing it .. remember to take full advantage of all that comes your way!!



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