Monday, 4 January 2010

Miscellaneous Monday #3

whilst waiting for some shops to open in Kensington
(it was going on 10.15am)
I marvelled at some of the windows and contents
and not at a certain reflection...

click to enlarge , if you must


  1. How cute are those chairs for card club!! They don't look very comfy, but how comfy do you need to be while playing bridge?

  2. Hi Saz, lovely to catch up with you. And to read your thoughts on being alone - they rang many bells for me. Happy New Year, with love, M xx
    PS Loved the film trailers - what a good idea.

  3. I ADORE those chairs!!! And YOU are lovely as I'll crawl back into my hole now...not supposed to be out and about today...couldn't resist! Love you! ~J.

  4. Gorgeous chairs! Each one would be a great conversation piece and I think men would be the ones to gravitate towards them.

  5. those are great cards, I dread to think how much they cost.............

    Gill in Canada

  6. I justlike hearing you say "whilst" and "if you must" take care~rick

  7. The heart chair is my favorite, but I'd love to have the entire set. Did you check the prices?

  8. Well, you don't tell us the price! They are really cute and so are you!

  9. girls and guys- the old saying.' if you have to ask the price....'

    no price in window of this bijou, bespoke furniture spoke..

    Rikkj- why can't l access your blog, have you stopped...gosh l do hope not....

  10. Can you imagine the house where those chairs would be at home? Huge, minimalist, no kids.

    Love ya.

  11. Now you know if there is a option to click and a dare of "if you must" then I must. Sad article that I am

  12. I love these chairs!

    The couple looking out of the window in Montmartre and waving are a Greek couple. I think that it's actually a likeness of them. It just took my breath away.

    Happy New Year, Saz.


  13. Well those are cute.. card suits.. and the quQueen of hearts in the reflection.

  14. But of course, I must! Is it you then? :)

    Those chairs!!

  15. It's like "Where's Wally?"!

    Love those chairs though.

  16. Oh how very clever .. bridge chairs!


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