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Love thyself

The decks are cleared, the pine needles are all vacuumed up (well almost all) the nativity carefully wrapped and stored, the baubles and tinsel are boxed. Presents are now all placed in their appropriate owners quarters. The snow that lurked unusually long here, is melting. The roads that were thick sheets of transparent ice have turned into a slate slush. The -19' temperature is now only a memory. I hope. I've thrown out the last of the cake, mince pies and Stollen, as I was the only one eating it. The waste pains me but as I must have eaten my body weight in cake, this mustn't go on.

I'm not a fan of New Year resolutions because l can't hack the pressure. I know it's self serving but it's not worth it unless it is a positive pressure. Instead I resolve to build upon the last couple of years' progress, to be a calmer, kinder, more compassionate and a better tempered person. To achieve this goal, I decided that instead of running myself ragged and mentally jagged and trying to people please my way out of the paper bag that is my world, l had to start being good to myself. First and foremost. Yes l know it's been said by many, over and over, but until it dawns on you as a kind of original thought of your own. You can't own it, nor live it.

So to start the new year off with good news; I got the job I was interviewed for just before Christmas. Which really means that I carry on doing the job at the Museum, but now I have tenure; a permanent contract. Great!

I am now officially a heffalump and if I say so out loud, here it may even push me back to yoga and pilates sometime soon! I have booked myself a ticket to see Rufus Wainwright in April at the Sage and to see Rodders (Stewart) in May at the Metro Arena. I have pencilled out time for Kent trips to the folks and a potential return to the Isle of Wight with the kids in July. I will try to repeat my recent London trip around May time, so I might be able to sit in the parks and gardens and spend more time languorously people watching. There is a fab Exhibition due at the V&A Costume Room, so that is a must see also.

Painting, writing, reading and thinking. All must do's. I won't mention my work, housework, chauffeuring, cooking and all. That's all a given. In the spirit of this post's title, this is my plan and you never know everything else may just magically follow!

Love Thyself
Who will speak words of love to you, if you do not speak them to yourself?

Arise every morning and give thanks to the Power for your life,
your awareness, your creativity, and all that you hold dear.
Then speak words of love to yourself.
As you love yourself more and more,
the fountain within will flow more readily and persistently,
until it overflows the bricks and mortar of your heart-well
and brings forth life in all the corners of your garden.

You are beautiful.
You are unique.
You are my wonderful creation.
Love yourself each day before the pink dawn has lost its blush.
Love yourself as the noonday sun purifies the heavens.
Love yourself in the velvet shawl of twilight.
Repeat these words to yourself:

"I love you more than anyone in the world.
You are an infinite, immortal being.
You know only abundance.
You are the most wondrous creature in the world to me.
You are divinely beautiful.
You are wonderful and magical and you have the gift of Love."

Then will the sparrows and swans
drink from your hand, praising your kindness.
The forest will be cooled by your generous waters.
Your name will be a blessing on the lips of all who thirst.


Love thyself

Love thyself most and best
Love thyself day and night
Let no feared word cause thee
To hate thyself
Love thyself last and first
Love thyself more each month
Let no scared howl cause thee
To doubt thyself
Love thyself more and more
Love thyself loud and long
Let no bad dream make thee
Mistrust thyself
Thyself is all you'll have
From cradle to thy grave
Love yours enough to make
Us love ourselves.

the words of Woodie Guthrie


  1. You are indeed enjoying your life. Congrats on the tenure, congrats on your schedule for 2010...way to go with the planning.

    And, finally, read any good books lately? Looking for something to move me....

    Wishing you the best in 2010,

  2. Perhaps you should think of yourself as a Woozle instead. It has been said, famed in both song and story, that Woozles have more fun.

    What? It could have been said, sung about, written. Look, up there. It's written.

    I resolve to be a Woozle, and have more fun :-) Care to join?

    (To head off assumptions of my complete insanity, "Heffalumps and Woozles" if you are feeling heffalumpy, resolve to more woozily. Up with Woozles!)

  3. oh congratulations on the job! that's great news. so glad for you.

  4. Congratulations on the job...
    beautiful post. Pains me to throw away food too.

  5. Wise albeit sometimes.. often difficult words to live by. I think I'll paste and print them. Thanks for that.

    Big congrats on the job. I'm happy for you. :)

  6. Pleased to hear things are warming up for you guys, haven't talked to my mam since Monday. Now there will no doubt be floods!

    Gill in Canada

  7. I love the lines
    Let no bad dream
    make you distrust yourself.


  8. So glad about your contract at the Museum.

    Loved the poems that you chose. I have to love myself more these days. I need reminding. Thank you.

    Nuts in May

  9. thanks you for your kind words...
    i'm glad i'm not the only one who has to deal with the trauma of throwing away perfectly good cake because i'm the only one who eats it.
    and congratulations on such great news for the start of the new year! tenure (and the accompanying feeling of security it brings) is a wonderful thing!

  10. Loving yourself... one of the most difficult things to do at times....

  11. We need a ME day. I have tried it but I always seem to be at the end of long list of jobs to do. I hope that you have more success than I have had.

  12. OK, the rest of the words are good, and useful, and even lovely, but you derailed my train of thought at the point where you had to throw out the cake and mince pies and stollen. What sort of barbarous heathens do you live with? Next time you find yourself with leftover goodies and no one to eat them, give me a call. I'll hop a plane and we'll have a pastry party! Mmmmmmmmm. Mince pie!

  13. Well done with the job! Simply gorgeous post, thank you.

  14. Sounds a brilliant plan. When you're done, can you come and sort me out?!


  15. Congratulations on achieving tenure, Saz. I'm with you on the wasting fattening food rather than stuffing it down, btw. I once (in a strong moment) mixed half a chocolate cake up with WD40 - just to stop me eating it (in case I retrieved it from the bin - disgusting but always always possible)

  16. Oh Sazzie, you are funny and nice and loving and clever and mine.

    Don't have the problems with leftovers in this house...think Milou and JP.


  17. I cannot throw out perfectly good cake. A day is just not complete without a little bit of cake or chocolate....
    Congrats on the job! I would have celebrated with cake and champagne.

  18. Saz- You never get all the needles; I've never made a vow I've kept, and the problem with loving myself is that from in here, I can see all the hidden you don't see. But thanks for tryin. ~rick

  19. sweet reminders!
    words to live by.

    congrats on the new position!
    that sounds beautiful!

    peace to you~

  20. Oh my goodness Saz, these are such wondrous words for me to read. I neeeed these this week.

    Why is it so hard? No matter, I'm going to print these out and post them around my house.

    Lovely and thank you...

  21. I've just found your blog and love the way you write - thank you for reminding us all that we should try and think of ourselves sometimes, as life passes us by so quickly....and I love the Coco Channel quote about our faces at 50 (being 55 myself, and fighting tooth and nail, without botox, to stay as fit, in both senses of the word, as I can!!). I'm going to tag you on mine but I won't get it done til monday so, if you have a chance, come and check it out!

  22. HOw wonderful! I am so glad for your to make this transition. Now it is time for a fresh start for yourself :).

    Through your words, you sound really good. I love the poem. I always give thanks to God in Heaven. Loving myself, well...I'm still learning :), but getting better.

    Thanks for sharing :) & happy transition

  23. Congratulations on the permanent job. Must feel great to know you are permanently wanted!

    I need to factor in me time; maybe when daughter's a bit older......


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