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'What I did this summer' Part 2

You've seen my the pictures of my trip with my daughter to Blackwell, the Arts & Crafts House here are few more
It was a sublime house, with all its original features, which is very rare. The only house of its kind in such complete in the UK.

My son and I took two trains and a tube down to Kent. Yes my friend, Mr BS5 it was a Pendolino and only 3hrs 23 mins, Carlisle to London Euston
We stopped off and went on a must do visit to the Oxford Street Apple shop and Borders Books, but with my Mary Poppins' handbag and a large carpet bag full of travel 'must haves', I got very hot and bothered and didn;t venture any further.
We managed, just down through Regent Street to Leicester Square, through to Trafalgar Sqaure. The National Gallery- one of my favourite places to visit
Tall boy had not done Londons touristy scene before so this whistle stop tour, took in a few of the London sights for sore eyes!
a humungus pidgeon on the People's Plinth
a view through Corinthian pill…

We're off...

for a few days, my tall boy and me! Off to visit with Moannie and JP in Kent, to park my rather humungus backside on their couch, drink in some sunshine, apparently they haven't had 3 weeks of rain. To replenish the batteries. Big girl and Larry are staying home.
So (BS5) at 7.45 am we'll be on this....
so I might be pretending to read this....
but probably doing this...
see y'all soon....


Our lovely dog Pippa passed away yesterday. She had been uncomfortable for a week or so and our trips to the vet this week, led us to decide what was best for her. Not us. She gave us so much. She was so loving and amenable to the end. She is now with Barney her best friend, in a better place. Together. Forever.
Pippa posts here and here and here

'What I did this summer' Part 1

I have been off for most of August and have been quite busy. So in the spirit of the annual return to school essay, set by our teachers on our first day back, this is, 'What I did in MY summer holidays!' I have been regularly going to to classes for Pilates, Yoga and also the gym.
I went with a pal to Shambellie House nr Dumfries. This the Scottish National Museum of Costume. A bit of a grand title for what I thought was an average collection and display. It is in need of a makeover, for my taste too quaint and too homespun. We went specifically for the Jean Muir retrospective, which was one room with approx 18 mannequins. Displaying sublime examples of Miss Muirs designs. It was well worth the entrance fee of £3.50. We wondered around the garden and admired the Wicker woman scupture. She was stunning from all angles.

Larry and I spent my birthday weekend in Manchester, just the two of us. Eating, shopping and lots of walking. On the Sunday, Larry had to attend a corporate event …

No Lippy!!

I had a bit of sleep in today and so I rushed out to the dentist for a check up, BUT without the must do, always do, eyebrows and lippy and shades. Don't you just know something is coming?Sod's law I'll get run over by a bus and be wearing no knickers me! That will teach me, to do as I do not as I say, silly moo that I am !
As I drove home coming up to the turning off the main Scotland road to our street, I noticed a man was running towards me on the pavement, blue shorts and top and carrying a St Georges flag. I took in the ruffled reddish blonde hair, the goatie beard and those twinkling eyes. I'm surprised I didn't steer the car right into him! 'Holy crap' I shouted, and without consciously thinking I indicated to turn. I took two rights and a left and came up behind him, like a stalker might, or a very BIG fan ... OMYGod, I thought I've turned into one of those screaming ijits that screech and shout out inane things, like rock on Eddie. Oh for go…

Am I?

My tall boy, 15 on Friday, told me a few days ago,
'No one is themselves online.'
Mmm...I have been thinking on that, and then I read a very heartfelt post from Erin in the window...I have been on my holidays from work since 28th July and although I have been busy and away from the laptop I have been pondering and contemplating my navel wondering on the subjective nature of blogging, our perceptions, our expectations and how actually does anyone know us. Really? Does it matter?
Whether here on my blog or in daily life...
I am what I am, wherever I am, you see me, you judge, that is the way. I am what I am, for me that is an internal whirl of decisions, mistakes, compromises and consequences. I am what I am, on the outside the make up I paint on to cover the blemishes, the scars, the fears. I am what I am? The facade or the whirl. It is what I am. Me. What you see. Understand. Like or not. I can hide from the touch. The nails in a bed of words, I lie upon. I write. I fee…

15 books that shook my world

I first saw this post at Suldog's and the at Lime's, so I pinched it and had great fun thinking and thinning down the books. It was very hard to do this task! I still have all of these books. I find it more difficult to part with books, read or unread, than I do loved clothing.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett - first read to me by my Mum. Then when I could I read it to myself, I did over and over. I loved the magic of it. I escaped into the role. I have several copies including what l believe is a first edition. I am named after the central character.
Now we are six by AA Milne/When we were very young by AA Milne - I cannot tell you how many times I have read these, or how many copies I have. Read by my Mum and by me to my babies. I know them off by heart. Some with added tunes. The childrens' Prayer. Bliss. I wrap myself up in these when I feel down and fearful.
My First Big French Dictionary (out of print) - I spent hours pouring over this book, learning vocab…

abc Wednesday ...

C is for ... new CAMERA phone
C is for ... CASTLERIGG stone CIRCLE

C is for ... Blackwell Arts & CRAFTS House

Just after lunch today my daughter offered to come with me to Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House, Lyhn Valley, Nr Windermere I was thrilled because it meant I wouldn't necessarily get lost with someone else looking for signposts I find the Lake District in summer particularly hard to negotiate as it's so busy, but it would mean some time together just the two of us I have wanted to visit the Blackwell house since we moved here - 13 years ago I was not disappointed, the drive down was marvellous. Down the M6, off towards Keswick at Penrith... where we stopped off at the Castlerigg Stone circle.
I pointed my camera to take a picture of the gate into the field and my batteries were dead, duds I reckon, they had charged all night. My daughter reminded me I had my NEW phone with me. Which is a Samsung Tocco and the reason I have it is the phone is also a 5 mega pixel camera …

Missing you...

No I havent packed my bags and found a cheap sun break, though it ain't for the lack of trying. £77 return to London back of August, what s with the train fares...bloody hell.
I am missing some of my regular blog pals, who are off the radar. Admitedly they all told us they would be taking a break. But it is palpable that they aren't in my life at the moment. I do find I am thinking of them daily.
And isn't it funny how people you haven't even met can get right under your skin!?
I worry. I fret a little. I do so miss them.
Erin - my woman in a window- who is probably lurking but not posting at the moment. Needed some time to shore up. Wrap up. Take some time.
Doris - PoeticLicence- She tragically recently lost her daughter and probably her mind. I have heard from her so I know she is fine. In fact better than fine in some ways. But on a journey to a calmer life and path.
Sniffles & Smiles- She has I think, been overwhelmed by her own journey and needs time to smell the…