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I'm on the bra wagon too...

The theme of the week must be the bra or by any other names, brassieres, flooper stoppers, slings, hammocks, instruments of torture, boobie drawers, Shoulder Boulder Holder or Double-barreled slingshots.
This subject has been discussed at House of Lime's and at Powell Power and a while back at Moannie's, I think I even posted a rant upon the subject here somewhere. I cannot be silent amid all this heaving, moaning and venting.
It must be the hotter weather that makes us realise we are uncomfortable or rather our breasts are. I was never well endowed. Being as skinny as a rake until my late 20's, then after giving up smoking I gained a few healthy looking pounds and so a few ounces fleshed out my pancakes or fried eggs. In my late 30's after five years of being either pregnant or breastfeeding, my now larger breasts hung like a pair of beagles' velvety ears. Empty. Sad. Stretched. Yikes. With the onset of middle age, they have actually filled out somewhat and as long…

Pockets of sunshine

It may have been pouring for five days now. Both outside and inside. Summer may have given up on us. But I have not. I start my summer hols today I have nothing planned I refuse to sit and mope. And to feel sorry for myself. So I figured if I posted about my intentions here, then I have to make an effort to do as many of them as I can then come back and tell you all about my adventures.
I have some places I want to go...
Shambellie House - Museum of Costume


Things I want to see...
the Royal Academy

Blackwell House- the Arts & Crafts House

The National Gallery

a show perhaps...

Tasks I want to get done.
like trim the hedges, tidy the flower beds
some wallpapering

Books to read...

Films to see...

abc wednesday

B is for ...
Baltic & Bridge both in Gateshead which to me means Newcastle but I will be corrected about that l'm sure!
The Baltic is a refurbished flour mill which is now a Contemporary Art & Exhibiton space on the riverside I took these images when Larry and I visited a few years ago
The bridge is the Millienium Bridge over the Tyne which is right next to the Baltic
the majestic side view

Millenium Bridge view taken from the top of the Baltic
apparently the footbridge rises to join the top arch when a tall ship comes through this may or may not be true, given that Larry told me that the Iron bru drink is from the girders of the Forth Road Bridge, or perhaps that reflects sadly, badly on me...

(now follows some techie info for Suldog and BS5)
this bridge was built and then lowered into place in one piece by a crane called the Asian Hercules II pictured here for you two boys!

(this image is borrowed from
For the home of ABC Wednesday, go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.

Down but not out...

I am all at sea... next thursday I start my summer holidays. A run of 20 days off through to the last third of August. Then I have a grab of days working and days off, I reckon l'm only working 8 days in all in August.
As I mentioned in my last FFF post the kids are home off from school. You know it. I know it. The neighbours know it. Bus drivers, commuters, sweet shop assistants and newsagents, even the off licence chappie knows. A few weeks of calm?
WHAT!!? calm you say... I don't think so. WHY? you may well ask why have I taken so much time off? Well it's habit you see. I've always had a little part time work of some sort since I stopped real work (indeed life as I knew - and loved- it) after I had the first baby. My work was based in places where I could be flexible and always there to drop them off, pick them up, attend each and every play, concert and activity. I was a dinner lady for 4 years, with play ground duty at the their infants school, which I adored. Then…

Schools out!

It's started... I'm telling you this in hushed tones...
It's started.... that time when I have to replenish the food cupboards twice a week
It has begun... the mountains of dirty clothes on the floor, that is not school uniform
It has begun... the dirty plates on top of the dishwasher, instead of inside...
I leave the house before 9am they get up before 1pm, maybe
When I get home... all I want is a cup of Earl or Lady Grey, they are staring into the fridge deciding on a lunchtime snack.
Tonight I've just got in from the cinema it's 11.30pm Daughter has gone over to sleep at a girlfriends (I hope)
My son has left lights on in every room and seemingly every orifice in the house, the street is LIT up with the light
It is just about tea time on his body clock, I am making a cuppa and deciding whether to watch a bit of tv or go up and read a while in bed.
This is week one of the school holidays.
I have taken most of August off work, but they don't need me, they don't want me, in …

Hair today, gone tomorrow - PSF

Photostory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Early this morning I read the POTD mentioned post Lady of Perpetual Chaos' and it got me thinking about the trials we spend at the hands of hairdressers, stylists and barbers. Everyone has a favourite hair story don't they?
I sympathise wholeheartedly and this happens to me a lot and l am off to the salon later today and I want a change but just know I shall later be moaning about it being too short, too red, too blond, too straight, too thinned out, too...! I have been on both sides of the fence, as I qualified in hairdressing in the late 1970's. I worked in three different salons after my 3 years training. But I haven't practiced professionally since the mid 1980's except on friends and family. The kids and Larry now go to the same salon as I and so I haven't cut anyone's hair (except Moannie's) for 15 years.
Seeing this from both sides, I just wanted to offer up my impressions. That it is about expecta…

abc Wednesday

Z is for Zakynthos (Zante)
in the late 1980's whilst Larry & I were still in the Dinky phase (double income no kids yet) we would have several holdiays a year. I would visit my girlfriend in the States in late January and we would take a weekend city break at Easter to Paris or Edinburgh
We started visiting Zaknythos in Greece in June 1986, an Ionian Island. Before the high summer period when it was the time that mainland Greeks families took their holidays on the less commercialised islands. We would go for two weeks in June and another two weeks in late September just before the end of season when the wind the rains came suddenly.

We became very friendly with a group of people who ran establishments in Kalamaki Then a hamlet with only 4 groups of rooms and one Hotel the Crystal. One disco on the hilltop, Its heart beating all night long above the crickets. One restaurant owned by Dionis and his lizardlike father. The gentle one eyed giant owned the one cafe and market with his b…

Happy Mondays!

I got to thinking urghhhh!*?*" it's that monday morning feeling after a great relaxing weekendandwe all need our shot our drugs of choice to set us up for the week ahead, be it caffiene, tea, croissants, slathered toast, a fry up or wotnot...
So I have brought you the best of this weekends treasures from my own inbox...
If these don't put you in a better frame of mind, there is little hope for you frankly!

and this one courtesy of Familyaffairswhich is entitled, 'Are women born this way?'

this one is perpetually being sent to me!'Man flu' or as I now call it, 'Are men born this way?'

and finally need I say more?

A Pillow of Contentment

This place where I write. This place where I think. Is a place where my thoughts run freely. A place where they mingle. Where they congeal. And harden only to be picked over and reopened. In real time. My life in its sticky, chipped state. This is a place where I feel safe. My cave. A sanctuary.
This is a place where I first began to write my whimsical thoughts. Trite and funny anecdotes. I wanted to find a place to try to write. To write me. Find me. Write down in words this deep down voice. My feelings.
As an errant list maker. I often write things down. As is my want. List fashion. On post it's. A Swot analysis of my life stages. So far. What I feel now. Isn't what I felt then. This place helps get me through. To accept how I feel as I do. Now. Certainly stronger. More measured. I take time to think things through. Before I say them out loud. Most often.
I have always been in awe of how others write. Are able to write. Effortlessly. In the shadow of writings and art of my Mum…

North & South

I'm sorry if you were expecting a review of the wonderful Elizabeth Gaskell novel or the also wonderful bbc adaptation - with the gorgeous Richard Armitage- this post is not about either. But here is an image to salve the torrent of disappointment.
But I have to get this off my chest. What is it about some bloggers, admittedly a tiny minority of those that have relocated. Mostly southerners that have moved up north. I mean specifically the blogs that people start up when they move to a new place. Willingly or no. They move lock, stock and several smoking barrels. 400 miles north. I find that some of them just moan and moan and moan.
Instead of getting out there into the community, they seemingly spend time, sitting in a darkened room huddled over a laptop. Not an ideal way to meet people. To ingratiate oneself with the locals. By southerners I also mean some Londoners or the counties in the general catchment area. To boot they also make the move not only from down south to oop n…

Take 5 or 8

Another stolen meme from House of Lime, but go read hers they are always hilarious and mine are to real, the truth gets in the way! And i must do Fhina's or she will hunt me down...
5 Obsessions (currently speaking)
Gerard Butler or sloppy seconds from the lovely Lime
Artwork- art, sculpture, photography & its histories 1970's - yes I know that makes me an uber sad person in an orange nylon anorack and brown slacks with an elsaticated waist, but I had fun Listening to music, I love my soundDock and ipods Books, reading, holding, smelling, I don't leave home without one or three 5 Dislikes Able people who save tables whilst their pal joins a long line in a full bistro/cafe... Loneliness Horror flicks, chick flicks, gross teen flicks, any with a diddly diddly C&W soundtrack Teenagers messy bedrooms that smell of feet, for example Automated telephone menus and call centres 5 things better than a head on collision a 3 day labour which climax's (?) with an epidural that only…

Photostory Friday - Early Summer Flowers

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Here in Cumbria we are usually between 2 and 4 weeks behind the rest of the mid and southern counties. And I am referring to blooms here in case I hear any smart comments!
I spent a lunch time trying to get some images of the blooms around the garden home and at work. Not sure I know what their specific botanical names are maybe someone will know and tell me....
am not fmailiar with this one...

variegated rose bush
dogwood blossom
honeybee on a lunch break
lilac foxglove
pretty lilac bloom
another variegated rose?
my luncheon companion running away when I moved as I picked up my camera he came very close to me
just a pretty garden scene in front of a Jacobean window
I can't wait to see what a new camera a digital SLR will do for me when we get it!!
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek