Saturday, 26 December 2009

Something to keep you going...

a few days more ... until we start all over again for New Years Eve.... lets make dates with our girlfriends in our diaries NOW! Something to look forward to...

for this month....

OMGosh we gotta see this one!!! Gerry Butler, DING DONG!!!




and in the summer.....


  1. These look so good. I like the preview of babies.


  2. That babies one looks like it's going to be wahs, boo-hoos and sobbing all the way through doesn't it?

  3. Nice tease- You know I have dial-up right? But it makes me wanna see a movie. ~rick

  4. They all look good, good enough to sit down, plop feet up, pass the popcorn, and enjoy.
    Have a great holiday.

  5. They ALL look great to see with the I'll be checking with my g'friends to see when they'd like to go.

  6. Since my job ended and I retired, I don't see nearly enough of my beloved friends. I need to change that.

  7. That first one looks absolutely hilarious! Will have to view the others a little bit at a time today as I've started a huge projects here on the home front...but saw you had posted, and couldn't wait to stop by to say, "hello!" Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!! Happy New Year, dearest Saz!!! Love Janine XO

  8. I have woken this morning with that "Inbetween-Christmas-and-NewYear-Gloom"

    Its been a long while since I have logged in here and this was the first blog I read this morning....

    You have made me smile, jot down these lovelies to go see when out, and give me hope for the looming new year.
    Thank you x x


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