Sunday, 6 December 2009

My Artful weekend

I often promise myself to spend some time pursing my creative bents and most often I do not! This weekend has been an exception. Yesterday I attended an Iconography day workshop, with great anticipation as last year I couldn't get booked onto the Madonna Icon workshop.

I greatly admire many religious iconic paintings, and am always drawn to them for some reason. Duccio's Maesta being one of my favourites and it moved me to tears the last time I saw it in London. It left me deeply affected. I had to sit down as I was overcome with palpitations and light-headedness. I also was similarly affected each time I have visited the La Faruk triptych
in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, without knowing the amazing history of the paintings.

So armed with my colour copies of these favourites and of a few favoured angel images
thrown in for good luck, I attended with my best sable brushes, palettes and enough enthusiasm I hoped to see me through.

We were given gesso prepared wood panels, fine pages of 24ct gold leaf, size, pigment and egg yoke to make our own egg tempera. Six hours of bliss. No distractions, no phones, kids, computers, demand-less me time! I left with my palette of tempera to finish off 'writing' my icon at home.

Sunday- I finished off the Angel Icon, as I had dreamt about him - Archangel Michael the protector- and his eyes were too modern so I woke up and got out my table easel and completed it to my satisfaction.

I then touched up a watercolour I had been meaning to tidy up for a year.
In our last house I had used one of the greenhouses as my den

unfortunately as the weather cooled the condensation overnight damaged the painting.

I removed all my gear right away and it has been packed up
and so mentally out of reach for sometime. Until this weekend.
It is all now in the conservatory.

At hand. No excuses now. I even started a small painting of one our beloveds.
Barney who passed a few years ago. I wanted to try and do him justice, I have never attempted to paint animals. It's only light and shade after all, but I've started it and there is a likeness,
so now I have a project on the go and l'm all revved up!

...and yes Barney only had one eye!


  1. Oh, are such an amazing artist...I'm in complete awe!!!! Simply fantastic!!! And I'm envious of your wonderfully organized...everything at your fingertips!!! I do so wish we lived near!!! I just know we would have such fun together!!! Loved this!!! So glad you had an opportunity to attend the workshop!!! And that you shared these gorgeous paintings with us!!! Love you!!! Janine XOXO

  2. Amazing paintings, so talented. You must be so proud. And what a lovely way to spend a day. Pure bliss.

  3. Wow, you are a talented lady, though I don't know why I am surprised. I hope you will find the time to continue....

  4. These are amazing! I had no idea you were such an artist.

  5. Wow and wow. Only an ounce, Saz. Just give me an ounce. I especially enjoy the angel icon. But the boats...and your dog...You've very talented.

  6. You are indeed one very talented lady Saz. And I'm pleased for you that you managed to get some much needed "me-time". xxx

  7. Cooo - any other talents hidden under bushels?

  8. You're flippin brilliant. I am stunned. (Not that I didn't think you capable, it is just that you talents came like a bolt out of the blue!)

  9. Excellent, Saz. All my stuff is in the loft - one day I'll get it all down and start again. One day.

  10. I can't paint a lick, so I greatly admire your skill. Very nice.

  11. Very cool. You are a wonderful artist. I love the one of Barney - even with one eye you can tell he was special. Or maybe because he only had one eye? At any rate, I always appreciate people's ability to paint - not a talent I possess.

  12. Saz, you are dreaming of angels - They are obviously watching over you! This was a beautiful and very meaningful image, and I just feel I could trail my fingers in the water from one of those bobbing boats...

    And your pooch - You have captured his lovely likeness so artfully... You are such an all-round artist and have such great taste - I always envy your talents, my sweet!

    Hope you are having a sazfab stay a Londres - Take care, much amour,

    Fhi xxx


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