Monday, 28 December 2009

Miscellaneous Mondays #2

here is my offering for another image with no home....yet.
Pavement art, Manchester.


  1. Most of the pavement art in my area is not fit to post for public viewing!!!

  2. I would surely trip and fall on my face reading it. Very interesting. ~rick

  3. It looks as though perhaps the tiles can be moved around so that one might make up his or her own poem. Is that so, or are my eyes deceiving me? Seems like it would be a fun idea, but wouldn't last long in some areas (folks stealing the tiles, or making obscenities.)

  4. How lovely! Pavements are so would be good to see more of this wouldn't it?

    When visiting the UK, I often walk through a subway under the road to get to my daughter's home, and the walls which were once covered in ugly grafitti are now displaying beautiful poems and pictures by local's such a pleasure.


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