Thursday, 10 December 2009

ME time...

...does not necessarily equate to quiet time, at all! I'm home and l'm so tired. I've walked and l've walked! The train trip down from Carlisle to London was uneventful, thus newspaper, magazine, book, ipod... but on a Pendolino it was fast, blink and you'd miss the countryside whizzing by...

After checking into my hotel I wondered around Covent Garden

browsed the fancy food shops

then went to The National Portrait Gallery to view

and went to The Haymarket Theatre and watched Breakfast at Tiffanys

I then walked all the way from Picadilly via Regent & Oxford streets

to my hotel at Lancaster gate. at midnight. Phew!

Day two - the morning was spent finding then ratching around in the Persephoone bookshop. Bliss! I chose three books to wrap and put under the tree for ME!

Then I went to The Victoria & Albert Museum

where I spent hours in the Costume Rooms
this is a Vivienne Westwood, I wish!!
(more fab dresses in another post)

then viewed the marvellous Maharajah Exhibition

and then in the evening I went to the Royal Albert Hall, a first for me, to see

'A Not so silent Christmas'
featuring Rufus & Martha Wainwright
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Boy George, Guy Garvey, Ed Hagerty,
& Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders-retired-

believe it or not this is Boy George & Rufus singing Blue Christmas!
A real fun night.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas season holiday. It's been a few years now since I've been to England and I'm longing to return. Was just in Europe in October to celebrate my 65th birthday,along with four friends from the U. S. We spent two days in Rome, then did a six day Med cruise and ended up with four days in Barcelona! Usually, my friends from Rye fly over to join me in Barcelona but they were in Miami!!

  2. great. Oh to have the energy of the young! Well, young in conparison!

  3. I like your idea of buying yourself Christmas presents. I might just do that myself.

  4. What a fab way to recharge your batteries, even tho' not restful. Sounds and looks (love the pics) great. Wish I had been there


  5. Wow! You are living it up! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us stuck in our little yards, continents away from the glam and the luxuries of cities like London.

  6. How nice. It looks like you had a great time. I love your photos.. particularly that midnight shot. Lovely!

  7. Loved your account of time spent in London. Walking is the best way to see it. I buy books for Christmas presents on a 'one for you, two for me' basis, too!

  8. Well you are certainly not fat like me if you can walk that much.

    I love your angel icon. It is beautiful.

    Renee xoxo

  9. The Royal Albert Hall looks amazing...inside and out. Can't wait to see more pictures of the dresses.

  10. Oh what an awful lot you managed to cram into your trip. I'm envious of everything you did and I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Good for needed and deserved it!

  11. Great pics, Sazzie baby...looks like you had a great and busy time.

    Been playing the Susan Boyle CD. wish I could put my finger on the why of the wonder of her. Just over a year ago a stout plain unknown woman-today a sensation.
    Thanks honeybun.

  12. I went to Carlisle once... to see Gillingham play, Tuesday night is was there was about 10 away fans and as soon as the game started so did the rain.

    We lost 1-0... no change there then

    sorry what was this post about... oh yeah...

    Rufus and Boy George now I bet that was good.

  13. It would take me a week or more to do all that - and first I'd have to travel to London. Thanks for letting me know what a special treat you had.

  14. Wow you have been a busy woman! Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself with the Royal Albert hall etc - sounds amazing!

  15. My goodness! What a superb trip you had! You saw French & Saunders in a live performance? How tremendously cool is that?

  16. So, so, so envious...turning green ;-)...Sounds like a perfect trip!!!! Wish I could have tagged along with you...but then, I guess it wouldn't have been "me" time if you'd had a tag-along. Fabulous photos!!! So gorgeous!!! So glad you had such a wonderful time!!! And yes, I buy myself Christmas presents as well...wrap them, and put them under the tree...I like it that way...Love you!! Janine XO

  17. I cannot BELIEVE how much you covered over your stay - sheesh woman - have a heart and stop putting all us middle aged matrons to shame, will 'ya?? (Grin)

    As you probably know, hubby works half his time in London, so we have a flat in Putney - and still I NEVER seem to get my lazy bones over to there - these photo's are just gorgeous, it's reminded me of what I am missing now (I'll blame you to hubby if I go missing with the credit card over the January sales)!

  18. Oh how wonderful! I REALLY want to go back to London now. :)
    Beautiful pics!

  19. I am so so jealous....what a wonderful week before Christmas treat for you.


  20. Wow. This looks like sooooooooo much fun!! I'd sure love to have a bit of "me" time!! Maybe when the kids are older??

  21. Sounds fantastic! You certainly packed a lot in to your "me" time. I would just have holed up in bed with a bottle and the telly!

  22. Crikey, that was a trip and a half. I enjoyed being swept around London by you - I love London as much as I love Paris. Or, at least, it's a close run thing.

  23. Wow! What a wonderful gift to give yourself!

  24. OH MY GOD, rufus and martha! That would have been a helluva concert. I do tend to like martha more than rufus, but eithere way, wow.

    I really like that first shot in motion. An uneventful train ride sounds like perfection to me.

  25. oooh, thanks for thinking of us enough to share what you did. it looks like a wonderful time.

  26. Wow, I so enjoyed reading about your ME holiday. Just wonderful. Next time, I want to come along. Reminds me that while I love living a basically "rural" life in small mountain town, I NEED to get to a city once in a while.

    You did pack a lot into a few days, missy!


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