Friday, 18 December 2009

Fabulous Frocks!

...Fab Frocks
from the V & A costume rooms...
(click to enlarge )

bodice detail from a Celia Birtwell designed fabric & dress late 1960's

1920's beaded column gown, Jean Patou

Zandra Rhodes early 1970's

A classic Chanel three piece worn by Gabrielle herself

Catherine Walker dress & jacket designed for Diana, HRH Princess of Wales
for the Royal Tour, Hong Kong

looks like something Morticia would wear!

fabulous glass beaded back detail

floral Dior dress garnished with beads

and a jewel in the crown
a Vivienne Westwood gown I would love to own!

... and here is a soupcon of fashions of the future
new designs from young designers, students of fashion


  1. My favorites were the one with the glass beaded back and the one by Jean Patou - Jean Patou is the maker of Joy, my favorite perfume of all time!

  2. Lovely! There are quite a few I wouldn't mind slipping in. Thanks for these wonderful sights.

  3. Those new ones look very retro don't they?

  4. Beautiful photos of glorious dresses! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I like the glass beaded one also. I also want the thin waistline.

  6. Beautiful Saz...thanks for sharing.I also love the Vivienne Westwood...superb!

  7. Ooh auntie likes the Moticia one muchly and the bare back one, it is one of the few places left on auntie that is neither fat nor wrinked !!!!

  8. That one for Dianna took my breath away. Simple. Perfect.

  9. Wow what a beautiful look at some of these show-stoppers. I quite like that Dior.

  10. Ooohh, yes!!! FABulous Frocks!!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love them all!

  11. I think the young designers have forgotten a body fits under those clothes.

    I adored the black Chanel suit.

  12. These are just stunning photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. You have made me glad to be in London at Christmas all over again! I am going to go everywhere and enjoy it all.

    Bea x

  13. The V and A is a wonderful place, isn't it? Just wonderful. And I'm with you on the Westwood dress! Pity I go nowhere to wear that type of thing.

  14. just gorgeous. the beadwork is just amazing to me. wouldn't really want to wear it as i think it would be awfully heavy but it is intricate and beautifully done.

  15. Lovely Saz! The Zandra Rhodes takes my breath away.

    I've been too long away from visiting my blog friends...I hope you and your family have a lovely and restful holiday. Best wishes, xo. Sallymandy


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