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On my way to work - Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday hosted by Aileni

As it is very frosty and cold I am driving to work, shameful, yes,
as its only 1.75 miles uphill down hill in nose to tail traffic.
I park in the nearest car park, courtesy of the City Council, a perk of the job.
Thank you very much.

And this is what l see on my short walk from car park to work!

silhouette of castle gate

looking back over my shoulder where l have walked from
the very ineffectual Millennium Bridge

this is the entrance to the underpass,
which takes us under the dual carriageway that separates
the Castle from the city, the Museum and Cathedral

this is the underpass decorated with old local industrial machinery

and the Cursing Stone produced for the Millennium
and inscribed with a centuries old curse
it receives the wrath of locals as it is considered the cause of all our recent ills,
Foot & mouth and the Floods

the marble floor containing prominent local and Reiver's name

the Whispering Wall, solid glass brick, come alive with audio,
locals relive memories of times gone by, war stories, family histories and more...

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
this is where FFF works


  1. Quite the Heritage Walk. I worked in Swansea Museum once upon a time.
    Welcome to the theme.

  2. What a beautiful walk you have to work, that underpass/tunnel is truly inspirational, I love the cursing stone - what a great idea! Lovely photographs Saz, a great post.

  3. What a wonderful underpass. Quite different from the ones we have here, where I need to be looking over my shoulder just in case theres a mugger lurking about.
    You live within reach of a lovely place.

    Nuts in May

  4. A cursing stone would be great in my house - save them all the bother...

  5. A perfect theme for your mood Sazzie, as you must be feeling more than a little monochrome today...not feeling too good and having to cancel your trip. Great pictures though, another talent to add to the score.


  6. Loved it when we visited. Great pics.


  7. Saz, I love black and whites but with the use of the word monochrome to describe the day, it's a little numbing.

    How is your work? Does it feed you? Is it lovely? I worked in an office once. It was as though I was hooked up to an alien space ship and the tubes drained me of all life. Monochrome indeed. I hope your work is life giving instead.


  8. Wonderful photos which seem to work perfectly in black and white.

  9. Well guys and girls, like Moannie and Eerin said it reflects the mood. I am with germs, so re-jigging my away day plans ... work is dull as dishwater, as the Museum has few visitors on wintry weekdays.
    Luckily when alone l am allowed to read, so feed me this does!

    Hopefully a few days off and nought to do but sleep I will reinvent myself one way or the other!!

  10. I enjoyed your walk to work and the very interesting photos. Maybe you will have some visitors looking for an escape from the cold, if any even venture out. Of course, on a Monday, they might just curl up with a good book. Nice that you can read if it is quiet!

  11. It does appear to reflect a mood. Mine isn't so good today, either, as it's pouring buckets and it's dark and dreary. My headache is in its fifth day now, too! Love your photos and the look of your workplace. :D

  12. A lovely introduction/walk. Cursing Stone? What a thought!

  13. I would like a cursing stone ... or two ... what a nice walk

  14. having visited Carlisle twice, and taken that very same walk (but as a visitor) I envy you such a wonderful and interesting journey to work. You have also supplied the information needed about the industrial artifacts found on the side of that underground subway, thank you.

  15. What great sights to see every day.

  16. my mam and step-father went on a tour of the castle for his birthday last month and had a super time.

    You don't live up at Stanwix do you, as that is where my aunt lives?

    Gill in Canada

  17. my mam and step-father went on a tour of the castle for his birthday last month and had a super time.

    You don't live up at Stanwix do you, as that is where my aunt lives?

    Gill in Canada

  18. Fantastic! So nice to get a glimpse into another part of your day. Great photos, Saz.

  19. What a lovely walk to work Saz.
    Hope you are well. Love and hugs ((x))

  20. Great post today, Saz, as always. I'm tempted to put a cursing stone in my garden.

    I have given you an Award but only if you wish to accept it, of course. I know a lot of people are not happy about the requirements of Awards so I am happy to change the rules and say you are welcome to the award if you want it but the passing on ‘rule’ is optional. Whatever your decision thanks for keeping up such an enjoyable blog.

  21. thanks for answering my question on my grandparents are buried in Stanwix cemetary, my mother lives by the football grounds, and my dh is Carlisle United's number one Canadian fan!!! Me I hate sports...LOL and I thank God every day that the game was canelled when I was supposed to go the last time we were over.......LOL

    Gill in Canada

  22. Not bad, your walk to work!
    Not being exposed to the elements is not bad either, I guess (unless the sun's shining).
    That clock is very classy too.

  23. My parents live outside Carlisle and I've been to the castle. The only underpass I recall is the one from the carpark at The Sands(?) and goes under the roundabout to the shopping centre. I'll have to see if I can find this tunnel next time I'm visiting my parents.

  24. This post makes me think how differently the exact same photos can be viewed - were they in color, the mood would be entirely changed.
    Perfect just the way it is.


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