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Healing powers

I have been pondering over our personal healing powers.

The inner strength, we all have. We find it deep, deep within us. Often at times, when we would least expect to dredge up another vat of determination and energy.

Other times it is within the things we cling to when we are in need of succour and comfort. The things we collect or unwittingly keep beside us. Around us. We feel secure within the blanket of our own surroundings. A haven.

This shoring up of personal warmth, that keeps the fear at bay and our sanity in a suitcase by the door.

The shopping bags of cheap tricks, to sustain and fill us when relationships sour or times are hard.

Our personal favourites. Our hot water bottles of love.

Casseroles, chunky soup and bread, chocolate.

Smells pungent of memories.

A tray set with a pot of tea and antique cups and plates. To warm.

Crackling fires, a seat by the hearth,
gazing into the flames of a sunset, that lasts as long as it is fed.

To me, healing powers are in meals, prepared with love by family

food which is a constant friend. Or foe.

The clutter that chokes our homes, spills from the drawers, vomits from the shelves

but which serves to warm our hearts, effuse our minds, confuse our hearts,

we choose the wallpaper of books and other detritus, which fixes us
to the floorboards of our daily lives.

The books read and kept, are friends that we cannot bear to part with,

they are like the memories that hold stories of love, strength, misery, fear and hope...

and so we hold onto the physical, as well as the emotional warmth.


  1. In my experience, such power lies within all our hands. If we offer unconditional love to those in need of strength or healing, it can be the vital spark which will begin the process, for self as well as others.

  2. Jinksy said it perfectly! I second her comment and I loved this post, Saz.

  3. It all comes down to warmth, doesn't it Saz? Beautiful post full of treasures...

  4. "We feel secure within the blanket of our surroundings."

    I will treasure this and the other phrases you conjured up to remind us of the healing power of our environment, of the place we call home.

    Saz, thanks for this.

  5. there is healing in cultivating a sense of gratitude as well, i believe.

  6. what a lovely post. i like to be surrounded by books. they are like my friends, to be cherished and loved. to be read and reread. there are so many different things we call upon to heal and comfort. our homes can be such a refuge from the world.

  7. An absolutely beautiful post Saz and so true. We all have inner strength and the ability to heal ourselves, even though we often think we don't.
    Love and hugs xxx

  8. Books are like friends and the same goes for our favourite possessions.

    I think that clutter is really bad for us....... which explains a lot in our house hold..... things I will be posting about in due course.

    Lovely post.

    Nuts in May

  9. Beautifully written. I hope you are surrounded by all those lovely things now. :)

  10. Most of us are only happy in our 'comfort zone' but sometimes we need to step out of it.

  11. Beautiful post, you said it perfectly. I believe this with all my heart.

  12. Good stuff to ruminate upon. Also, it make an interesting counterpoint to Jinksy's post from yesterday or so about getting rid of some clutter :-)

  13. Wonderful post. I wish you much beautiful clutter.

  14. What poetry!!! I've said it before, and I 'll say it are a beautiful blend of poet and philosopher...So many word images here that I loved...but here's one I especially liked, "This shoring up of personal warmth, that keeps the fear at bay and our sanity in a suitcase by the door." I'll never forget that suitcase...such a wonderful picture! You are brilliant, Saz! ~Janine XO

  15. Beautiful. I think it becomes clutter only when there is so much we can no longer remember the stories and love that generated it. And sometimes our healing lies in the unconditional love we can bring, especially to those who hurt us. Not that I'm all that good at that! But your writing just grabs my heart. SO glad I stumbled in here.

  16. "To me, healing powers are in meals, prepared with love by family"....never a truer word spoken. It's an Indian philosophical understanding that the consciousness of the cook enters the food, and so their goal is always to cook with love. This is the essence of the philosophy of bhakti yoga...."bhakti" means "devotion."

  17. Thanks for stopping by. My comfort is usually the view of the woods or the water from any one of my windows...watching the sun making its progress as it has done for billions of years. Knowing that it will bring a new day.

  18. Saz,

    I think the mind is a very strong human tool. I think our thoughts are powerful. I tell my kids to speak positive. Words are strong. When we are sick, I truly believe we can encourage our healing by our thoughts and our words. Doesn't mean it will be easy. Some situations and conditions can be very trying on us, but the effort is a must.

    My father was a home body. My mom was too until she got that itch to go dancing. My physical home is my comfort zone. There are very few people that I am comfortable being in my home, therefore, I am not a hostess. I will visit "certain" friends and leave when I've had enough.

    My other comfort zone is that of having all my children around me. They are extremely important to me. Their happiness and ability to handle what comes at them is my comfort.

    Positive thoughts :)

  19. Well said Saz - and I truly believe we have literal healing powers in ourselves abd helping others ~ Eddie

  20. There's an award for you at mine :)

  21. Wow, beautifully said. The flotsam of our lives...

  22. The tiniest things can have healing power. Sometimes we wish it just flowed from our hands like in the movies, but mostly it comes with our involvement with the injured person.

  23. An inner strength is what we all need and what most of us do have. It's at times of trouble that we realise how strong we can be.

    CJ xx

  24. Beautiful, heartwarming post.

    And congrats on POTW from Hilary!

  25. Congratulations on POTW Saz...well deserved mention!

  26. This is so perfectly beautiful. I love it. Very worthy of POTW.

  27. wonderful familar images drawn with your words

  28. There is something hugely sustaining in a meal or even just a cup of tea that someone else has made for you with love. Although I think my clutter and momentoes have crossed over to being a 'constant drag' rather than a bullwark against adversity.

  29. Very nicely written. Congratulations on POTW.

  30. Saz, I love this, "we choose the wallpaper of books and other detritus, which fixes us
    to the floorboards of our daily lives." That is simply gorgeous. Makes me wish for bookshelves but then I'd just have more dust...

    Comfort to me right now, a plate of beans just cooked to tender, topped with butter and salt. They're from my garden. At 8:30pm at night, just home from work, this tells me I am home.


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