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What you don't know won't hurt you!

Last night I went out in my vintage gladrags, a 1940s wool jacket and blonde mink collar, a LBD, and 100 weight of costume jewellery and my new hair cut and colour and...and this is a big one for me FALSE EYELASHES.

In the 60's when I was a young child I would find these little hairy creatures,like spiders under tables and on bathroom shelves. My mother always had hair pieces, wigs, and weird sausage like contraptions to enhance her latest cottage loaf hairdo! Stockings, eyelashes suspender belts were to be found and I was entranced by their glamour and femininity. My own world of 'MADMEN'.

I remember the first suspender belt I was given, black with orange daisies and a pair of stockings for best. I was 12 and they hung over my headboard and I kept touching them through the night. SO excited I could barely sleep. After a few days trying to come to terms with the trials of a young woman's under clothing, I surrendered and admitted my failure to cope. Mum bought me some pop socks and some American tan coloured tights from Charlie Chesters' newsagent. The pop socks went over the tights, as it was not considered good form to wear just tights to school. I went to a Catholic (all girls) Convent school.

So yesterday aged 51, I wore my first pair and I managed to attach them without glasses, but with a large magnifying mirror as l glued them in place. To the wrong eyes. So I had to swap them. They were very comfortable actually and I didn't need to slather muckloads of mascara on my eyes. Better for my sensitive eyelids.

I met some friends at a Vintage tea party, bought myself a faux coin 1950's bracelet and then we all swanned off to the local pub. (something I don't often do either!)

I got home before the curfew my son and daughter gave me (10.30pm - wtf?) and after a shared bag of fish and chips and a cuppa, went up to take off my face.

Like the dark hairs on my chin, and the skirt that's tucked up into my knickers when l leave the loo, answer me why don't even your friends tell you!! I had lost one eyelash. I was left with one bald eye! How long was l like that? All evening? Before l left the house tonight or ......?

thanks guys, at least I should be grateful
it wasn't half way down my cheek!


  1. I think you deserve a medal for bothering with the revolting things at all ! I wonder how many men would contemplate gluing things to their eyelids? lol :)

  2. Oh no! Don't you just hate it when something like that happens? And no-one tells you!!

    Anyway it sounded like you had a good time..I'm very pleased to hear xxx

  3. Oh no! Sounds like a fab night otherwise though :)

  4. Oh, my, Saz!!! I thought stuff like that only happened to me!!!!LOL...Sorry!!! But glad you had a lovely evening!!!! ~Janine XO

  5. That is completely freaky - I did a post on false eyelashes today complete with eyelash photo (not of me) - great mind.....Lx

  6. You were at a Vintage Tea Party? Without me?!!!

    Sounds delish, as do you in your gorgeous Vintage, Sazzie...

    As for the eyelashes, I've never, but I am intrigued by those new infill kind of lashes that loads of ladies seem to have these days...

    Glad you had a good time - Lovely! xox

  7. Oh brilliant - I needed a laugh!!! It reminded me of a posh dinner I attended way back in the 70's - false eyelashes and all.... we had soup for starters and I was mortified to see one of my eyelashes floating in my neighbours soup - good job i knew him, vaguely!!! I've still got that dress and the jacket too but I will never fit in them now!!!

  8. Ack.. poor you. Perhaps your feared telling you lest you .. ummm .. lash out at them. ;)

    Seriously, the bright side is that you obviously don't need fake lashes if they couldn't tell one eye from the other. ;)

  9. Thanks for the laugh today! But I would have reacted just like you!

  10. There was nothing a bit 'hairy' in your drink all night?

  11. Just yesterday I was watching the original "Yours, Mine and Ours," with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. There is a very funny, if slapsticky, scene, in which Lucy loses one of the eyelashes her daughter insisted she wear, (it crawls down her cheek) and then loses her petticoat in a crowded dance/bar. So, see? It could have been worse!

  12. Too too funny!!!! LOVE this story!!!
    Friends...what are they there for, but to love???!!!
    ;^) ;^) ;^)
    (Good for you for "dolling" up and going out!!!)

  13. You almost had me convinced that I wanted to try them. My lashes are so pale. People would be shocked.

  14. I'm quite surprised at how many of my friends wear them. It reminds me of a friend (in the 80s) who was giving a presentation and the shoulder pad, neatly tucked under her bra strap, flew out (down her sleeve) as she pointed to a bar chart.

  15. Oh Sazzie, you have made me laugh out loud. So happy that you got out and had some fun. I won't be trying false lashes again but I am really happy that shoulder pads are back...I mourned them when I finally gave them up-as the last woman on earth to wear them.

  16. So you ended up looking somewhat like the fellow from A Clockwork Orange?

    (Prettier, of course, but the one set of eyelashes... snicker.)

  17. You would have loved the people at the juke box do. Young at heart and all that.

  18. I used to wear false eyelashes every day .. I was in my late teens and it was easier for me than mascara - contac lenses and allergies - and then I am not sure why I stopped ... recently I bought a pair, trimmed them the way I used to and tried and tried and tried to get them on .. didnt happen. So I gave up ... so brava to you for even getting them on!

  19. Sounds like your friends need glasses! You must have looked as though you were winking at everyone. So funny!
    I think you're right Saz - some of us bloggers are expiring like a carton of milk. Do ya think blogging has a lifespan? I'm going to try to stick around, just not quite as often. Found that I really miss everyone.
    Take care,

  20. Ha ha ha! I wasn't expecting that! You nearly had me converted then, but I think I''ll stick with mascara and panda eyes. Outfit sounded fab - picture?

  21. Never tried the false eyelashes. having pale eyelashes, never seemed to see the point of having to do so much make-up to make hem look less obvious.


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