Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weekly Posts & Roasts!

Please put your hands together now as I have some great news for you all! How fabulous is this!!
Hilary & Eddie have generously taken up the popular and favoured Post spots recently vacated (temporarily one always hopes) by David Authorblog McMahon.

Hilary will host a weekly
spot on her blog

and Eddie will host the 'SUNDAY ROAST' interview
every Sunday over on his wizard blog
(he also tells me that on Monday there will be a BIG announcement over on his blog -
could Sir David be returning to this Land of Oz?)

and that's isn't all
the Goddess Award is a weekly award to great bloggers
from The Goddess herself at the blog

Normal service has resumed...
so set your pens and camera at the ready....

Get busy you bloggers go blog yer socks off!


  1. Nice one Saz!
    And thank you for your fabulous support - just gone live on the first roast - hope I haven't build up the new scoop for Monday too much!! ~ Eddie x

  2. are the master of the build up the hype and the expectation is never left unsated!! Wonderful stories, er l mean posts!!

  3. Great news, Saz...thanks so much for passing on the info...

  4. Thank you for keeping the info about Eddie and Hilary out there ... xo

  5. Nicely done Sazzie baby, and good wishes to all the takers up of the Master's baton.

  6. David passed the baton to me to do his news bits. I've done a couple already on my blog.

  7. It is exciting!

    Thanks for posting this!

  8. FF&F thank you so much for showing us your support. Response has been so wonderful all around. I so appreciate your kindness.

    Thank you :)

  9. Blimey - you are fantastically busy these days and providing a wonderful network for us all....I am very impressed - where do you find the time? Why has David stopped doing post of the week? Lx

  10. Thanks for the info. How kind of people to keep these traditions going.


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