Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sisters under the skin...

I have had further thoughts on the state of happiness, perspective and sisterhood. In that we are what we are and we have to look inward if we are to be useful to anyone else I feel. Introspection is a good thing, self analysis though for me can border on the dangerous, because it lacks perspective. Unless led by a professional, but even then, they can bring their own context to bear.

I am at fault too, as I always strive to be nicer, to be smile-ier, to be everything to everyone and it just cannot be. Why are we not happy enough we to just BE!? Gosh are we bloody complicated. I think we are because we've been set up, mostly by the propoganda machine that echo's the media, and of the legacy of 60's liberation, pah!- to be mother earth and yet super sexy wife-hoare and also clever witty work slave...

All the posts are so similar recently and many have commented on the fact, (hence 'Let's talk about...' )

Is it the air pressure? Or that which school teachers blame the playground behaviour on the air pressure.. l've heard them... something to do with the inner ear?

Or when women work together, or girls at school together, or best frieds, mthers and dughters... they all after a few months have the same cycle... teenage hormones and menaopausal hormones do not mix well. I can tell you....

It's all the moon, the moon. So does it follow this is the cause of similar themed posts? I wonder. It's the only thing safe to do these days. Wonder to myself, and so to you!


  1. Another lovely, and thought-provoking post, Saz! I think Fall, and the new year are seasons of reflection...and we look upon our lives, and the paths we take with more critical eyes...reassessing our goals and desires, so to speak. By the way, I love your Red Bubble photography!! You have such a terrific blog! ~Janine XO

  2. Thanks Janine, you are such a sweetheart!!
    Hope you week went well..I was thinking of you lots....

  3. Well Ms.Saz,

    I have always thought that two women in the same proximity to each other, that meet often enough, can influence each other's monthly flow. When my best friend went through her divorce, she and her kids moved in with me. She tends to have painful flows. During her stay, mine were just as painful. Since her departure, mine aren't so painful...hmmmmm.

    My theory about the moon... If the mood can control the tide of the ocean, how much more can it influence our moods being that humans are, what?, 85% water?

    I feel sorry for you if your flow happens on a full moon!!

  4. An unfair phenomena, I feel! But how true it is. I guess it is best everyone will be their ugliest at once! And for the men around them, at least the timing is combined and not stretched across the vast weeks of the month :)! Ugly time is vast time when there is no end in sight.

  5. Seasons of reflection - It's such an interesting passage... Why are we being more reflective - After the joys of summer have gone? Do we ponder more before we retreat into our hibernating half-life...

    I feel at my most happy in the company of warm, wonderful women (like you!), and yet working with bunches of women can sometimes be the most shattering of things if you aren't perceived to 'fit in' with their shallow, soulless lives...

    Adieu, ma cherie, have a wonderful week! Mwah!

  6. I too find working with women can be very trying, especially when we're all busy trying to prove ourselves. It works wonderfully when we all admit that we're tired, domestically harassed, PMT ridden and generally pooped at being workers and wives.

  7. your post got me thinking- as it often does. You have a real talent for that- I often go off musing to myself after your writing.
    As for the answer- I am sure it does have something to do with the stars or low pressure, or energy and the way it moves. Maybe one day we might find out!

  8. A very interesting post Saz.

    It has me off and thinking (to myself) about the cause and reaction.

  9. Oh! My word verification on the last comment - Sunbled

    How appropriate!

  10. Birds of a feather. And we learn from one another and so are drawn. WE are rungs to each other's ladders, and so we come.



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