Thursday, 8 October 2009

Reopening soon!

Since 2002 I have run my own small business, an online vintage clothing website.
It has grown from strength to strength, mostly in footfall and in profile. It has received favourable reviews from The Sunday Times Culture, Country Living, RED, Daily Mail, webUser and the Independent's magazine voted it the best UK website and 3rd best vintage shop in 2005. I was thrilled.
A business will only give back £'s relative to the amount of time one can contribute to it.
So as I am stretched very thinly around my family,
my employed work and other commitments, this has in recent months taken a back seat.

Therefore early last summer, I took down all the stock,
recycled the majority in true vintage fashion and
kept the best LBD's (little black dresses) and gems.
During the self induced hiatus I mulled, cogitated and mumbled
about the pro's and con's, the why's and wherefores and on my best list making stationary,
I planned and plotted the future worth of my tiny, mini empire.

I reasoned that with 5 million hits in my best years' trading -which averages out to approx 75,000 unique visitors per year, I could make a better go of it.
Plus I had the stock, the experience to add to the visitors
(a decade of fashion buying and retail management)
so as to not let this drift off and flounder altogether.

So! I decided to specialise in Party wear and frocks,
handbags and a few select accessories.
I also decided to relocate the 'Attic' to the Etsy platform.
I respect and admire their ethos of recycling and eco friendly products,
crafts, handmade and vintage. A perfect new home for the Attic.

I have some lovelies to showcase in the new shop very soon,
in fact as soon as the planned photo shoot -all day Monday- is done and dusted.
The shoot is for a Christmas Vintage Party wear
for the new glossy Carlisle Living magazine.

Etsy formats and creates the pages for each item and so gives me more time,
no longer having to resize crop and edit images in several sizes.

Bringing my customers to my new location,
will benefit Etsy and potentially all the other shops on Etsy.

Drop by soon and see what you think of the new Attic and Etsy itself.
Be very careful, you can indecently while away the hours on Etsy,
at every click you will be in the den of beauty and wonders!


  1. That is so great! How impressive!

    Good luck at Etsy, I hear it's fabu!

  2. Saz, you are a wonder - You inspire me every day, do you know that?! Rock on, Saz, and be successful, my dahlink! xox

  3. I'll be looking for your reopening on Etsy.

  4. congrats! and welcome to the etsy family!! :D

  5. Sounds fab! Can't wait to have a look. So glad you have decided to go ahead with your project.


  6. Oh yes my darling. So happy you have a resurgence of inspiration. Can't wait to see the Attic up and running again...good luck.

  7. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow too. I have returned the favor. It's always enjoyable to meet new lovelies from England and I look forward to reading your blog.

    BTW, you are right that my Wordless Wednesday photo is indeed a bridge but I will reveal its location today.

    All the best,


  8. Very best of luck. I added Etsy to Ebay, Amazon and AbeBooks as sites to which I restrict my visits. Otherwise I end up spending so much time and money on the beautiful things they all have.

  9. Sure lure me in with thumbnails of intriguing sparkly things and sexy dresses ... oh I know I am gonna be in big trouble ..

  10. What an enterprising lass - I am most impressed and very glad at your success.

    Thank you for signing up as a follower - I value that very highly and thank you for your encouraging comments.

    You are a big hit in my Wizard of Oz and people are screaming for your return so I cannot refuse and delighted to say FF&F will be re-kindled and re-appear (God only knows where at the moment) amongst all this utter chaos - I am reinventing the wheel all the time there, but you will be pleased to hear I have started writing again and hope to get the next episode done soon.

    But on Monday there is a BIG, HUGE, GIAGANTIC SCOOP at my place and two other places as well - that is after the Sunday Roast of course. Then WATCH THIS SPACE!! Best wishes and great we have met ~ Eddie x

  11. Saz, beautiful! Good for you. Now, do those gorgeous dresses come with Kodiac winter boots and Elmer Fudd hats? If so, i might just be able to pull one off! But if not me, countless other more feminine sorts who don't live in the north!

    Best to you.

  12. Wonderful!!! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what transpires!

  13. Saz,

    Congrats to you! Welcome back to your own world of wonder. You are fantastic. Love the fashions. I can remember my grandmother and great aunts wearing these styles. And the jewelry!! My goodness it's awesome!

    Absolutely a good move to reopen your world of vintage shopping!

  14. Saz, That's just terrific!!! Finding a way to juggle it all, and using the Etsy platform is brilliant!!!I'll look forward to seeing wonderful wears!!!! ;-) Congratulations!!! ~Janine XO

  15. I adore vintage! The attic sounds fabulous.

    Love your cameo appearance on Eddie Bluelight's version of Wiz of Oz!


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