Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'Let's talk about...' #1


Okay! Okay! I got it all wrong and didn't post this last night as I had stated...
hope I didn't frustrate you all
I'm here now...

Happiness. Contentment. Joy. Pleasure. These are words we throw around, but I wonder if rarely do we really think about them and mean them? Understand them? Feel them. Is it a matter of subjectivity or perspective. In part I think yes, but I also believe in general terms the measure is the same yardstick of feeling. Of emotion.

Moannie and I were recently talking about the value of these words. Of how we of course aspire and hope. To feel them. The real deal.

We dribble out these words about how happiness is all we want to feel. For ourselves. For our children. For mankind. Humanity. But it is I feel an elusive state . A state of mind that is transitory at best. Not available by request. It does not keep us alive. Though these states do nurture and nourish us. Keep us on track. A carrot to keep us on the road of hope.

I do not believe that happiness is a state of mind. I believe that happiness is a momentary state. More slippery than many its contemporaries. Mithering about the lack of happiness in our lives, like feeling regretful is not purposeful nor is it aspirational. It cannot be brought about by desire. It just happens. It is the purist of emotions. An undiluted mix of pleasure & joy.

Contentment is a state of mind, for me. Attainable. Brick by brick we can build ourselves a warm blanket of contentment, safety and security. It is personal. A matter of perspective.

Joy is an emotion we can experience by recall. Of memory. Sparked by music, a song, a letter, a moment past. We can relive. By choice. At our own request.

Pleasure is immediate. Pleasure is Food. Art. Books. Physical. Family. Breathing life. Different pleasures for us all. Pleasure can be cultivated. Seeded. Ploughed and harvested. Replanted. Bought or home grown. Borrowed. Bought. Given away.

A droplet of contentment, a rash of happiness, a storm of joy, a blanket of good fortune or a flush of pleasure.

I wonder which state do you yearn for?
moment by moment.

Okay here goes!
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  1. Saz, we are one mind, as ever, ma dahlink! This is a lovely linkie, and one which I shall proudly display - If I can follow the destructions! xox

  2. Oh my, Saz...gonna have to give this a try this week...I hope my simple brain can figure out how to do it...if not, I shall call in the expert!

  3. Bum! Would like to do this but am 'private' at the mo! Maybe next time, or maybe I'll do it anyway :)

    Just to let you know, I am following you anonymously (call me neurotic and paranoid if you like?!!!)

    Hope all is well, and thanks for the inspiration


    PS, Liked your comment at mine!

  4. By now, everybody knows I can't do anything with links. But, I'll try. I loved this soliloquy, or dialog with Moanie. Pursuing Happiness should be a PH.D.'s dissertation. I'm too sckeptical to pass the orals.

  5. I can't this week, but I love the idea. Maybe next time! I am drowning in blog visit catch up!

  6. I think you said it all for me darling and anyway I would have to get you to do the linkage, maybe I'll have a go at your next subject.

  7. well I am having a go too not sure if I can do all this techie or trekkie stuff, but hey its good to learn
    and Mam needs to be able to do these things

  8. Ah, Saz...you are equally at home as philosopher and poet!!! This is both profound and beautiful!!!!I love it! Thanks for doing this!!!~Janine XO

  9. Growth. Whatever it is that gets me there. Sometimes it's not so good. Sometimes it's lost on couch. Sometimes it's gripped in leaves. Sometimes it's a note from my children, a hug, a dance. Sometimes it's my nose to window like a dog. Growth. Wherever it comes from, I welcome it.

    Is that a state?


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