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A Star is Born

This leaked preview of Susan Boyle's first single Wild Horses
- it's a Rolling Stones track from the 70's -
is from her debut album released 23 November,
it is mesmeric and her voice so sharp and powerful.
I cannot stop playing it!
She will perform this in the final of America's got Talent

Susan was recently featured in Harpers Bazaar -
Us edition and here she is looking just lovely.


  1. This is stunning Saz. I did not know the song,cannot believe it was a Stones number...did Mick sing it like this?

    So crystalline clear, such emotion hidden in that body. I cannot wait for the CD. She is a phenomenom.

  2. OMG!!! Hey, I never use that little OMG thing, but here it's so appropriate. I just sat here on my couch with shivers running up and down my back listening to this. I can't wait to get her CD.

    Dear Moannie, Mick did not sing it that way, though I do remember that it was rather tender and lovely even for the Stones.

    Susan doesn't just have a lovely voice that can nail one song. She just breathed new life into this one. It makes me cry, what the human heart can achieve.

    Her new hairdo is pretty cute, too. I hope life is good to her.

  3. That is pretty amazing. It's the first time I've listened to her. I managed to avoid the previous media hype. It is pretty wow though. I hope she can cope with the pressure of stardom.

    They've done a pretty good job on her image too, that first pic is stunning.

    Thanks for sharing.

    S x

  4. Oh nice .. I am glad she's looking so chic .. gotta listen to the song later when no one is around ... noisy parkers here at the office

  5. She's a cool singer...hope she survives the industry....

  6. nice.. but i think i love Sarah McLachlan's cover of this song the most.

  7. Thank you Saz! That was really lovely.

  8. I can't wait for that album- and doesnt she look fabulous?

  9. Her voice is out of this world. Such perfect notes and a warm sound. She is looking pretty good these days too. I just hope she is able to cope with the media.

  10. I didn't play the video because I'm out West and the show hasn't played yet and I want to hear her sing over The Husband's sound system. Isn't she looking terrific? This is the first time I've seen her since that famous clip. I'm so excited for her.

  11. Doesn't she look fab? And her voice, oh that gorgeous voice!

  12. She seems to have simply wowed America's got Talent, it's all over the news this morning. I have always loved this song, but she has taken it to a new level, hasn't she?

  13. Her voice is like nothing I've ever heard. SO strong. I love it!

  14. Stunning photos. Not entirely sure about the choice of song but she has a fabulous voice.

  15. I think it was a Gram Parsons song that Mick nicked, to say the least...

    I think Susan looks wonderful in her black pleated dress - I wish I were as elegant... I hope she can find happiness and health in such a difficult career. I hope you are well, my Sazzy, and I loved yesterday's post about the tummy roll too - Fabulous!

    Hope the DD is feeling better and that you might be recovering yourself from the wet flannel mopping-duties - Have a sazfab weekend, love and light Your Fhi x

  16. I didn't say, but this is one of my favourite ever songs - Thank you for featuring it...

    Oh, and I've got your CD ROM, and one for darling Moannie from the lovely Billy - Fabulous, non?! xox

  17. Gosh! I thought her new album was going to be some bland re-working of songs from the musicals but that was amazing. Truly amazing! She looks great too. I just hope she has the help and support she needs to carry on with what's set to a be a fabulous career

  18. Please don't hate me but I'm not that crazy about her voice - it is the vibrato that I don't like. I also don't like the arrangement of the song.

  19. I love it. She sounds very fresh and young.

    Of course, this is exactly what my internal singing voice is like.

    Which must be why Peaches regularly asks me to sing 'Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick sick'.

  20. I hope she copes with all this. I can't help thinking that she looks a bit uncomfortable in the photos.

  21. Fabulous!!! The song is absolutely haunting!!!! And boy, does she look GREAT!!!!! She's headed for stardom!!!! Love Susan Boyle--her voice; her story!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! ~Janine XO

  22. Absolutely amazing. Moved me to tears. Isn't life wonderful when this kind of thing happens? Truly inspirational.

  23. Thank you, Saz!!!! And I love you!!! ~Janine XO

    P.S. "When Harry met Sally" is one of my all-time favorites...I'm a Meg Ryan fan!

  24. What an inspiration Susan is to all of us. To walk out on stage and take a world by storm and make it look easy.

    Her transformation from someone unnoticed to where she is now - and her entire look - see? Miracles do happen.

    I'm delighted for her and yes - may she survive in the world of entertainment.

  25. Yes, she does have an amazing voice, and yes, she does look fabulous, but...I have never understood why people found it so very difficult to believe that Susan Boyle's voice did not match her appearance. Where is it written that a "Plain Jane" cannot have the voice of an angel? Why do assume that only the young and beautiful can do justice to musical prose?
    Maybe Susan Boyle will open the world's eyes to those talented individuals whose physical attributes do not match our media and industry enhanced concept of perfection.

  26. Wow! I wish someone like that would give me advice on how to dress! She looks wonderful.

  27. Wow. Hair standing on my arms. And yes, she is gorgeous.


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