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Let's talk about....

Okay here goes!

Further to your comments on some of my recent posts that it would be interesting for some of us to post on the same subject or theme by design (not too divisive) and read each other's views and perspectives.

So with this in mind, I have thrown this together and thought we could give it a go! These can all be linked together too. Now if you have any ideas for themes, subjects, one word or a phrase, an idea, a thought, a bug bear or anything that takes your fancy for us to discuss, cogitate and ruminate upon. I will collect these and then choose a title for the weeks ahead.

Participate whenever you fancy.Or never!

I will put up Mr Linky after 8pm GMT on a Monday night ready for a Tuesday start and the link will remain on my blog all week for anyone to join in from the Tuesday.

Each week I will give notice of the following week's topic for you to deal with it as you see fit.

Thanks for participating. Enjoy!

Next week's first theme is 'Happiness...'

  1. Add your details to Mr Linky after you have posted your musings to your blog.
  2. Add the 'Let's talk about...' image/logo to your post/blog.
  3. Add the Link back to the Mr Linky post.
  4. Please do check out others' posts and leave a comment as this helps create a tight atmosphere!
  5. No word minimum or maximum, just whatever floats your boat!
  6. Enjoy yourselves and don't put yourself under any pressure. Join as & when you can!

For the home of 'Let's talk about...' go to Fat, frumpy & Fifty



  1. Saz,

    I'm so excited! I will definitely be participatin. I love those converstations that talk about important nothings that people think about but don't discuss, commonalities that make us all one and the same.

    THanks for starting it!...:)

  2. What a lovely idea, Saz!!! You are super!!! I will thoroughly enjoy reading these!!! Thanks!!!! ~Janine XO

  3. Fabulous idea! I am just returning home from vacation and will need a week or so to catch up; will participate in this as soon as I catch my breath.
    And your prose as of late is lovely, just lovely. Quite the artist you are, my dear.

  4. Great idea! And perfect topic to start with, can I join in?. Hopefully I will not be invite only for too long and so can join in :)


  5. Glad you all like the idea...well actually it wasn't me.

    It was VALLEYS MUM & NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING wot done it!! They threw the gauntlet , I have just picked it up and run with it....


  6. Precious- tank you YOU also talked about the idea...

  7. looking foward to this ,I love a good feet in the water arses in the air discussion.
    Will gear up ready

  8. Would love to join in as long as there are no entrance exam kind of questions ... what is a chair ;-)

    Mad x

  9. What a great idea, and just the thing for when we are a bit jaded or just out of ideas, though I think you and I have just about covered the 'happiness' theme lately. You know I shall have a go.XX

  10. Moannie - I know I shall cheat & repost mine a D for effort!!

    Some people who dropped by during those aforementioned posts could just elaborate on their own wonderful comments.

    No word minimum or maximum, just whatever floats your boat!

  11. Well, I won't be able to join in the fun immediately, as I have some things already in the pipeline, then a short vacation. Sounds like fun, though, and I'll probably do some stuff with you and others after my vacation :-)

  12. Great idea - now if I can only remember to do it!

  13. This sounds like a great idea, but I won't have time for the next three weeks, since I'll be away from home. I'll give it a go when I get back! :)

  14. Found you through a link on Kellogsville about your review of the book 'Can Any Mother Help Me' (which I'm going to get btw). Great idea - think I've linked into this! Love your post on Happiness.

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