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It's September...

and I can smell the change in the air. The wind has an edge to it, cutting into the end of August.

The new month when school is back. A new term. The kids and life is structured again. A semblance of control within the loosely organised chaos.
When I was a school kid, I looked forward to the new school year. Each new term. The new start. The wiping of the slate and the turning over of the leaves. I felt I had another chance to do it well. To do good. As an adult I miss the having of new beginnings. I have to forgive and forget myself. We all tend to ring in the changes at New Year. A celebration which always leaves me cold. Cold as the winter. Too bracing to embrace the new.

Autumn is a time when the trees wear a brightly coloured coat of an orange, brown, yellow and gold mosaic. A dream coat. They drop their technicolour leaves. Divesting of the year long journey. They stand naked and vulnerable in the wind and rain. A rebirth. Renewal. Reinvention. In the humdrum of routine. The monotony of the familiar. The everyday.

Welcome the opportunity in our life of adulthood, to do better with each and every new day.


  1. Shall I count the ways, Saratouts? All the ways that you do do well?
    Shall I embarass you with all the details of your goodness? You strive, oh darling how you strive. Now you must breathe deeply and relax and think of yourself, it's allowed.XXXXX

  2. Down here on the South Coast, we're still at the green stage - russet Autumn has yet to arrive...

  3. Saz, this is it, exactly. This is the time for new. It is fresh. It is motion. Unlike the still of January. It fills up, doesn't it, this new in fall? I love this Saz. Now do as your mother says.

  4. What a beautifully written post.

    I too love will be here in a month or so..I can't wait.


  5. LOVE the new look of the blog! Its like buying a new outfit for the beginning of the new school term ... I feel the same way about fall ... its a clean start.....sadly summer never actually happened here and the cooler temps are, I know from experience, will not last. The Jewish High Holy days always bring higher temps ...

    AND listen to Mum, she knows best!

  6. YES, Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and I welcome her with open arms! We have that lovely coolness in the morning, then the warm up then the chill of evening...lovely post Saz!

  7. I will try, honestly I will!

    I don't like the passing of summer, it seems an awful long time until the next one. Although, after a pretty chilly weekend, today feels rather summery again, but September can be fickle down south.

    Like your new look blog :)

  8. I am going to post about this on Friday (she says, tantalizingly) but this truly is a new dawn for me. Personally though, I bloody hate the end of summer here in Chicago as the winters are so long and bitter. Fortunately it's still quite warm here, although a tad humid today.

  9. I love the change of every season, even winter. Coal fires, candle light, hot baths and snuggling up. As soon as the winter Solstice comes I look forward to every day becoming longer in a matter of weeks - brilliant. Snowdrops hailing the end of winter and the advent of spring only to lead us expectantly into a summer of hope that turns out to be rubbsh! Lovely post.

  10. Autumn is my favorite season. Great post :-)

  11. I love autumn for the colours, even if the winds sometimes get there too soon, and tear off the red and amber leaves... I think what you are feeling too, Saz, is that our children are very much growing away from us... This is Grizz's last year of school, as too your DD... Ageing, and renewal - Very pertinent and apt themes for this time of year... Beautifully crafted, my pet. Take care, much love xox

  12. I've copied my "benign neglect" post over to other one fyi. I don't want it to be Autumn yet....Hope all good with you Lxx

  13. I so agree. I think Autumn is a much better time for new starts and, being a teacher, a still get that 'new term' opportunity every year.

  14. This is always my favourite season for just those reasons. New year never feels like a new page, it's always been this time of year, full of new opportunities and chances.

  15. autumn is my favourite time of year for the very reason that it feels like there is new energy in the air, a clean slate, a time to sort things out and make decisions. Great post

  16. Hey ho, just popping over from French Fancy as I spotted you there. Wonderful post about September. Looking forward to reading some more of your bons mots :)

  17. Hi FFF
    Loved the post, beautifully written, and Autumn is wonderful and I'm all for new starts -life goes by so quickly as well - Christmas is looming yet again already!
    You may know I am writing a play about the Wizard of Oz and Suldog is the baddy - sjame he is having a break.
    Would you mind if I include you in the play - you'd be trying on the Wicked Witch of the East's shoes and alas they will not fit and you will have a tantrum - is that OK? I'll be asking Moannie as well.
    I've just had a roasting from David - saw you not long ago and your Mum.
    I've seen you around a lot but never managed to say, "Hi" so I'm doing it now, "Hi" ~ Eddie

  18. eddie , Sure be my guest....sounds like fun!!!

  19. Saz!!!! So lovely to hear from you!!!! At present, I am still on my break...but the rumors (rumours) are ALL true...

    Love this post!!! So beautiful...I have written something about new beginnings and will publish it when I return to blogging...the muses are leading us along similar themes!!! I love it!!! Great minds think alike!!!

    This is an absolutely beautiful and poetic piece of prose!!! Leaves me with an "ahhh" moment... And I love the pic of you and the kids on the side bar, as well as your new paisely background!! Paisely is one of my favorite textile patterns!!!! See you soon!!! ~Janine XO

  20. So well said, dear. I too think we need to allow ourselves all kinds of new beginnings, even if it's five minutes after saying or doing something we wish we hadn't. Thank goodness that this moment is all that's real.

    I always feel sad sending my child off to school in the fall, but do remember that feeling you're talking about. Starting something new.

  21. This always seems like the start of the new year to me, with Christmas and New Year coming several months later. I sometimes wish I was still at school to have that feeling of a new start. Thanks for follow! x

  22. I'll settle for adjusting the misprints on the slate I have :-)

  23. This is a most peculiar season now - we walked the dogs yesterday in blazing sunshine, the car gauge said 34 outside and when we got to the water garden the leaves were just falling off the trees - a real foot in both camps season.

  24. What a delicious thought, a gorgeously coppery autumn....

  25. Breathe deeply and tell yourself you're a good person and shouldn't be beating yourself up about things not done.

  26. A beautifully written post.
    I am a Spring person though.
    I always feel a bit sad about summer finishing and a great long stretch of winter to face & dark nights.......... Oh don't start me off!

  27. what a beautiful reflection on my favorite season!


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