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It's a roll over!

In the weekend papers, I was gobsmacked to read about the escalating furore caused by this image. It was first published in Glamour magazine US edition.

This is model Lizzi Miller, she is a uk size 12. She is smaller than the average uk woman of a size 16, yet to the amazement seemingly of many journalists, fashion or otherwise, it has been necessary for them to write column miles about her little tummy roll, stretch marks and thighs! Most women don't have wash board tummy's nor do they cultivate muscle mass, but hey, I dare you lean forward and not have some bit of fat lean ahead of you. Be it tummy(s) or chin(s).

I recently went underwear shopping in M&S and took some lovely silk two pieces to the fitting room, I was so alarmed by my three rolls of tummy fat, I took a photo with my mobile camera to serve as an incentive to drop a few pounds in the next few months. Seeing this image reminded me to only drop one dress size and not go mad. After all Larry has never complained calling my curves, 'womanly' and 'real'! But it's about what I feel comfortable with and I would be comfortable with just the one roll!

I think Ms Miller looks Fab, womanly and gorgeous, who wants to get up close and personal with a bag of bones? Bring on the revolution. Bring on the real women.


  1. Too true. I think bony women look awful anyway. Every scar and roll of fat has a story to tell - of having kids, of enduring pain, of overcoming adversity. These stick-thin anorexics are dull as dishwater! (Mind you, I would say that, wouldn't I with my extra one stone of weight that I need to shed!!)

  2. Hear hear! You are so right!!!

  3. Rosiero- Wish that it was just one stone for me....nearer 2 or 3...

  4. She's a size 12? Blimey! No wonder we worry about all the skinny models that we see in magazines etc.

    I could do to drop a dress size, and would love to get rid of the roll on my stomach, but recognise that excessive dieting will only rebound on me, and that if I get hung up about weight I'll just get depressed. And that is of no benefit to anyone.

    I'm with you - long live real women!

  5. I think she looks beautiful. I have enough rolls I could open a bakery even though I range from a size 8-10. Even if I dropped a few sizes the rolls would still be there.
    It's best just to accept them and focus on more important aspects of your your smile. I'd rather be a chubby woman with a happy smile than a shinny bitch with a sour face.

  6. I have to agree - real women - the sort that are beautiful without being stick insects, and can age with grace knowing that as the metabolism slows down its not that easy to lose weight anyway.....

  7. Would be interesting to hear from a man, or from one of those 'fashionistas' who make the fashion decisions twice a year for stick thin women with more money than sense.

    As for me,I was in a bikini two weeks after giving birth to Sazzie, had one roll after and only son, three after ML and now my whole body is one big roll...JP calls me Michilin woman..nice.

  8. She looks stunning!I'm with you on this one..

  9. she's beautiful! sure wish we could show our young women more of these REAL women in the media!!
    kudos for sharing!!


  10. Oh, how shallow some can be! I've ruddy well earned these stretch marks, cellulite and occasional droopy bits! Yes, I probably do have to lose a pound or two! Maybe it's because I spent too much time sat on my ass here! Well, that's just tough!

    It's almost New Year again (ahem!) I'll make the resolution then...bring on the Ben and Jerry's!

  11. The thing is that she is six feet tall and when she stands up and draws her tummy in she looks fantastic so it's a bit of a storm in a teacup. However, she certainly isn't one of those pipe cleaner size 0 types so perhaps it is a step in the right direction.

  12. Her little 'roll' is obviously due to childbirth. Everyone's skin is different, and it doesn't matter how much oil and lotion you rub on your baby belly, if you are genetically prone to get the 'roll' you are going to get it.

    VERY FEW women escape childbirth without stretch marks and a stretched belly that never really moved back to it's old neighborhood.

    And those stretch marks? They are formed from the inside out...not the other way around. That's why all the cocoa butter in the world won't prevent you from getting them. Ya either do, or ya don't.

    Not fair, but that's life, and the precious wonder that caused the belly roll is worth the belly roll.

    People need to get real and value the baby belly roll. It's a testament to love.

  13. Beautiful photo, beautiful smile, beautiful woman. I hope she feels no shame, for she is US.

  14. She's sexy. It's about time we all decide to be happy with our femininity.

  15. To be fair .. that's hardly a 'roll' and I suspect many of us who are no longer 20 or even 30 are not as toned, especially if they've given birth to more than 1 child ...

    Isnt a size UK12 a US10? Most models here are probably a size 2 ... and the average woman here is likely a size 12 and 10 lbs is the difference between sizes ..

    Wanna get depressed? Try on an Italian made garmet ... I wear a size US8 but an Italian 46 ..

  16. I think she looks does my hubby! For toooo long skinny has been forced on women as the perfect look...Perfect is the skin YOU feel good in and to keep it healthy and happy...not what others tell you is perfect..

    Happiness is waking up in the morning and the first thought you have is happy!!!...not, weigh myself, skip food and do I look thin enough!!

  17. When Lorne and I got back together after 30-odd years, I was embarrassed by the fact that I no longer had the body of a 24-year-old, had loose skin from having babies, and several scars from surgeries. But he told me I'm just fine and look at least 10 years younger than my age. What a relief! Thank God love is blind! lol

  18. Would be interesting to hear from a man

    She's gorgeous.

  19. AMEN! I think she looks fabulous. If I squint my eyes and dm the lights I look just as good :)

  20. Yay for REAL women!!! Well said Saz!

    (I don't think I'd be brave enough to take a photo of mine!)


  21. I've always been a fan of plus-size models! There's a great site with many images of plus-size models here:

    They're all gorgeous.

    The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  22. I was appalled that people were appalled. She looks lovely, but her size has little to do with it. I like the Dove adverts where they use rather more average women

  23. My rolls I do wear but not entirely with pride. There is a certain joy accomplishing pulling on size 10 pants after wearing a TIGHT 12. When I was moving toward 14 and my zipper wouldn't stay down, I had to get serious. Perfection? Not gonna happen. But comfortable and sexy is a goal I can achieve.

  24. Let's not forget that she's bending over slightly. When she stands up straight that will disappear, unlike mine! Sigh! Where's the panty girdle.

  25. OH MY! I so agree with you! I am actually glad to see this because, as you mention, in real life, we women do not possess flat tummies! I was just sitting here feeling my own as I was reading the blog!

  26. Moannie,

    You are so cute! I think alot of us are in the same situation as yourself! :)


    Love your prespective, it's very true!


    I stopped ordering magazines because they were making me depressed. Yes, diets do backfire and make us worse than before because we are discouraged that we gained the weight back, so we gain even more by eating to resolve the depression!!!

    Why bother when we can embrace?


    I can say a few unkind words about metabolism, but I'm a good girl with a few rolls of my own :)>

  27. I think she is absolutely stunning. And brave. I'd never be caught nekid like that, size 3 or 12! (Is there such a thing as size 3? I wouldn't know...)

  28. She's beautiful no matter WHAT size she is. The @#$% public needs to get real. What's important in life, anyway??? Wow.

  29. already 29 comments and a scan down shows all in agreement.

    Me too.

    As a male can I just say that Ms Miller in that photo is stunning - it was only as I read your post my eyes went back to the photo and my brain registered "Oh that" because my eyes were drawn to her face - truly, yes she is "tastefully naked" but she looks so happy and relaxed and clearly enjoying herself - her smile in that shot is the most appealing feature.

    women should have curves btw - I don't get the ultra slim no shape figure that seems to be pushed as the ideal - it isn't

  30. Lovely, dear! We think alike, don't we. How in the world could she be labelled anything like fat.

    And I find it strangely comforting that she is only 20--I don't think she's had any babies.


  31. It's very hard to remember - but even the skinniest models are frequently airbrushed to look stickier.

    Very little of what we see in the fashion pages is real - making this particular photo even more important to us all.

    Real women rock.

  32. i'd be thrilled if my tummy roll were only the size of hers. my is considerably more pronounced! she is beautiful. i applaud her for being willing to present a far more common image of a woman's body but still so beautiful.

  33. She's absolutely lovely. What in hell are all of those idiots complaining about?

  34. Good for her! She looks fabulous, largely because she's glowing and happy, but her body is just fine. Good grief, I'd be blissfully happy to have a body like that!


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