Sunday, 13 September 2009


This morning I was transported back in time...
to a time when, love hearts, tops of the pops,
the Saturday night disco and boys,
ruled my teenage heart.
(Not much has changed there then, except TOTP is no longer)

When l was a child and throughout my teen years
each and every Saturday morning, I would lie awake, listening, waiting
until the papers would arrive through the front door
and land with a satisfactory sounding SpLaT!! on the hall floor

I would rush downstairs and collect the papers
and rifle through the sections until I found my
weekly magazine and my siblings' comics.
These would then be distributed to said siblings' bedrooms
and this, I would hazard a guess meant that my parents got some much valued THEM time.
So each Saturday depending on which phase I was suffering,
either my Fab208, Bunty, Diana, Disco 45, or a Jackie mag arrived.
It was my sanity and I'm thinking now, 36 years later, their bribery.

So this morning as I bent to pick up Larry's Guardian
staring up at me was a copy of a old Jackie mag...

I smiled remembering way back when...
when I thought I had troubles. Pah I didn't know I was born!


  1. Yay! I used to read that mag, it was great. I wish there was something like it now for early teens, all the mags seem far too grown up!

    Gosh, life was simpler then wasn't it? Though it didn't seem like it at the time.


  2. Tell me about it .... my daughter bought me a special edition Jackie earlier this year and its full of all the amazing things we used to read..... time travelling in style!!!

  3. Ah, Jackie magazine. How I learned about fashion, make-up, boys, etc. My parents recently cleared out their loft and brought me my old Jackie Annuals - I couldn't bear to part with them so I've still got them!

  4. We had Tiger Beat when I was a child back in the 70's. David Cassidy. Sigh.

  5. Thanks for did make me smile.

  6. 'Them' that makes me nostalgic...and my weekly paper/comic was 'Sunny Stories' yay!!!

  7. Oh, wow, that picture of magazine takes me back decades! Ahhhhh.

  8. I am trying to think what this equates to in the US during my teens and I cant!

    But I loved this post and the trip back in your memories

  9. There's an American one at the moment called GL (Girls' Life) which is surprisingly innocent. I love peeking at it while you-know-who is out!

  10. Jackie- brings back memories. I loved all the mags and still do- a bit of a weakness really

  11. Carefree days, they take me back...although the magazines went by different names...Love your Red Bubble art, by the way!!! Just terrific!!! ~Janine XO

  12. Do you remember those cut out dolls on the back of the Bunty?

    I loved them and would spend hours making them clothes.


  13. Have you really still got them?

    I'm as jealous as hell!


  14. Never was a magazine girl...except for MAD magazine. I remember saving up spending money in the summers to buy one copy of that. Says a lot about my refined sense of humour, no?

  15. Don't think I mentioned how much I like your blog background. The paisley is charming and refreshing. xo

  16. SLADE! I absolutely LOVED that band! They never really hit it too big over here, but I got to see them in concert once (in Providence, Rhode Island) as they opened for Aerosmith. Excellent show. Noddy Holder... one of the all-time great voices of rock.


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