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AUTHORBLOG - David McMahon

So sad to read today that our friend and mentor David McMahon is leaving blogland to concentrate on other projects.

He inspired and encouraged me and so many others, in our writing and photographic ambitions.

Here is his 'Last Post' , in his typical one liner fashion and HERE is the link to his REDbubble showcase.

I will carry on posting not so secretly hoping that David is lurking in the ether!

David I loved walking a while in your company. Thank you for everything!

Missing you already David! XX


  1. So will we all, Saz...thanks for expressing our feelings as well as yours so beautifully!!! ~Janine XO

  2. Indeed he will be sorely missed. He has given encouragement to so many. A sad day in blogland.

  3. Devastating day for us all Saz.
    We all admired him - he is a perfect gentleman and I am proud to have 'met' him and I am very grateful for all his help and encouragement. Life will not be the same again in Blogland without him - God bless him

  4. I was just catching up with my news feed having missed a day or two, so I just this minute learned about David leaving us, right here on this blog! Sorry, but I immediately left you to go check out his blog and leave a comment.

    Thanks for the goodbye post. I think we'll all miss him.

  5. Oh no, Sazzzzzzzzzzzzie! Wha shall we do about our inspiration and he whom we could never be??!

    Blessings my darling mate, and hope to catch up with you and yours very soon - Thank you for letting us know about Darling David x

  6. Me too .. but we will always have RedBubble!

  7. The ringmaster has resigned. Who will replace him? Hopefully he will miss us and will soon be back.

  8. I just didn't believe it when you textd me Sazzie. He has been a constant from the get go. And so sudden, as if he had to do it quickly or he wouldn't be able to leave us, at least that is what I am telling myself. Already there are over 90 comments on that post, by morning there will be hundreds. I expect that out there in the blogosspere there are other Davids, encouraging, nurturing...but he was ours and I miss him already.

  9. Oh no! he will indeed be missed. I suppose we will have to watch for his books!

  10. Having actually met "The Man" here in Vancouver when he was on his way to the Yukon last year, I, too, will sadly miss his daily musings! Here's to a GREAT MAN!

  11. David was wonderful. A bloggy day of mourning is in order.

  12. I just found out that David's leaving. I am bummed out and I told him so. Who will replace him? Where did he find the energy? It's sad but he knows what he needs to do.


  13. Indeed. One of the great ones in the blog universe, and a sweeter, kinder soul it is impossible to imagine.

  14. Ditto! To what everyone else here has said!

  15. Yes,
    and i found out from your comment on my blog.

    I am still in a state of shock.
    I can understand his reasons, though.

    I hope to one day do something that is worthwhile dedicating to him. His generosity is truly beyond borders. Without him, there would not be a Merisi, I would have stopped long ago.


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