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'What I did this summer' Part 2

You've seen my the pictures of my trip with my daughter to
Blackwell, the Arts & Crafts House
here are few more

It was a sublime house, with all its original features, which is very rare.
The only house of its kind in such complete in the UK.

My son and I took two trains and a tube down to Kent. Yes my friend,
Mr BS5 it was a Pendolino and only 3hrs 23 mins, Carlisle to London Euston

We stopped off and went on a must do visit to the Oxford Street Apple shop and Borders Books, but with my Mary Poppins' handbag and a large carpet bag full of travel 'must haves', I got very hot and bothered and didn;t venture any further.

We managed, just down through Regent Street to
Leicester Square,
through to Trafalgar Sqaure.
The National Gallery- one of my favourite places to visit

Tall boy had not done Londons touristy scene before
so this whistle stop tour, took in a few of the London sights for sore eyes!

a humungus pidgeon on the People's Plinth

a view through Corinthian pillars

.. a few hours later, we continued down to the Kent coast and to the Bay.

We spent a few days with my parents and were then collected
by Larry who took us to Bluewater to SHOP!!
It is the best shopping centre by far in the UK I've ever been to.
Of course I look for photo opportunities wherever I am
and completely, well almost, forgot about the shops!

the ceiling at Bluewater

I have also been pampered in the spa,
all fluffed up with a Birthday gift of a facial,
pedicured & manicured. Thank you Larry.

I have been to the cinema to see, The Ugly Truth & also The Proposal which were both funny & shallow & easy chillout entertainment. I also saw The Time Traveller's Wife, all by myself, because no one else was free and I wanted to go, so I just did! True to the book's plot line, but rejigged to best explain the premise or chance people walking out before it making any sense. In the book I was confused to the half way point until it caught up with itself. Like the adaptation of Ian McEwan's Atonement it lacks the length of a book and so lacks anticipation, excitement and so empathy with the characters wasn't entirely there for me. Although I admit it still 'got to me' twice. Read the books for the full experience!

I have managed only to read three books and I am only sorry I have not painted nor sketched. But I have taken lots of photographs and so a few are here

I met up with two blog pals who were passing through Cumbria on their way home from Scotland and we spent a delightful few hours in a local pub The Kings Head (the oldest pub in Carlisle) chatting and laughing a whole lot.
I can tell you a little about them; they both live in the same 'greenist' uk city, one is a keen cook, bird?watcher and train spotter/traveller who must have a head for heights and who enjoys sharing pizza and a glass of wine whilst perched upon his wall with friends or family. The other blogger I met is a brave suburban super mum by day who morphs into spiderman's gal on her rare child free days out. Her blog is raw, real, intelligent and she is often hilariously funny! Do you think you know these bloggers?

Back to the old work/school routine tomorrow.....

and here's the first part.


  1. Was lovely seeing you Sazzie, and for once you left nothing behind. So happy to see tall boy, what a great kid, sorry, young adult.

    See you in December XXX

  2. That last bit made me laugh!! Thanks Saz x.

    I wish I'd known you wanted to see TTW (and that you lived nearer) because I think I'm going to have to go and see it alone too as it's not quite up 'Spiderman's' street! Loved the book, it made me cry (always a good sign!)

    Happy end of school holidays to you!

    S xx

    PS Come to Bristol soon!

  3. I feel like I've been on vacation too! ;O)

  4. I'm wiping my eyes...did I tell you I get homesick just reading your blog? Since it was only home for four years I don't know that I might not need to see someone along the lines of therapy!

  5. You pictures are always so crisp and clear. The house is so clean! I love historical landmarks. It must be really nice living so close to such beautiful places...:).

  6. Let's see...I"m going with Moannie and Suburbia.
    Your posts are always so much fun; like a lovely holiday we're all experiencing with you. I love your attention to architectural and natural detail. We really do see a lot to appreciate when we take a bit of time to look at the world around us.

  7. train spotting, North Kent coast, Bluewater shopping... sounds like my parallel life :-)

    My lot are all at Bluewater today, it's only about 20 mins up the motorway from our house so almost the local shops... we probably take it way too much for granted given that... we even sometimes just pop there in the evening to eat and see a movie

    Just to warn you my sister wants her ashes scattered on that beach... old family memories of Mum and Dad when the world was bigger, time seemed longer and a few days there in the summer seemed the just brilliant... and all that...

  8. Sounds like a fun time was had by all ..... anytime you fancy stopping off somewhere in the midlands let me know and we could have our own blogfest!!!!

  9. What fabulous photos and such fun was had ... I am leery of TTW movie, I am so in love with the book (would keep referring back to the chapter titles to keep myself anchored in the who was how old when).. having seen the female lead on a TV show and heard her trying to explain the concept I sort of decided I am going to be disappointed ...

  10. Lovely. I saw, of course, your Mom's lovely painting. What a treat, eh?

    Next time you're on the tube, might you take a few shots of the stations, etc.? I've always been a great fan of The Underground (what we call "Subways" here) and I'd love it. I don't know how many of your other readers would find it interesting, but I would :-)

    Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

  11. I like your pics... pics are memeories :)


  12. Fabulous pictures. I haven't been to London for such a long time even though used to go often when I lived in Aylesbury (if was 30 mins on the train).

    I have a Mary Poppins handbag too, so annoying when you can't find ya keys!!

    CJ xx

  13. Great trip. I'm a sucker for a photo of a beach hut on a shingle beach.

  14. I don't think I'd have needed two parts for my summer. My summer started and stopped in about three sentences. Your's meandered like vines. It was a good one for you, Saz, I do believe.

    Been meaning to read those time traveller books...

  15. I was enjoying myself with your summer's tales earlier in the morning (a little bird woke me a dawn), but then I didn't leave a comment, only your window open: Now I am back to congratulate you for being on David's Post of the Day list! :-)

    I thoroughly enjoyed following you around, virtually!

  16. Congratulations on Post of the Day nomination, Saz!

  17. what a fun trip! sounds like you had an amazing summer and the pics were amazing. congrats on the POTD mention!

  18. Thanks for the tour! It may be the closest I ever get to the UK. Your photos are really lovely. And it looks like your Larry is taking good care of your fingers and toes. I also have a Larry a lot like that myself.

    Congratulations on your POTD mention at authorblog.

  19. Back to say congrats on the POTD mention!

  20. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks, Saz!


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