Thursday, 20 August 2009

'What I did this summer' Part 1

I have been off for most of August and have been quite busy.
So in the spirit of the annual return to school essay, set by our teachers on our first day back, this is, 'What I did in MY summer holidays!'
I have been regularly going to to classes for Pilates, Yoga and also the gym.

I went with a pal to Shambellie House nr Dumfries. This the Scottish National Museum of Costume. A bit of a grand title for what I thought was an average collection and display. It is in need of a makeover, for my taste too quaint and too homespun. We went specifically for the Jean Muir retrospective, which was one room with approx 18 mannequins. Displaying sublime examples of Miss Muirs designs. It was well worth the entrance fee of £3.50. We wondered around the garden and admired the Wicker woman scupture. She was stunning from all angles.

Larry and I spent my birthday weekend in Manchester, just the two of us. Eating, shopping and lots of walking. On the Sunday, Larry had to attend a corporate event held at Headingly for the Ashes and so I had the day all to myself without clock watching , browsing the shops, the Manchester City Art Gallery, walking the streets,

Albert Square, Prince Albert Monument & Town Hall

the Urbis Exhbition Centre

a pavement of ducks

amongst the stalls in the street markets,
I took tonnes of photos

The Manchester Wheel, a smaller version of The London Eye

and I drank lots of milky coffee
and ate more than one krispy kreme donuts...

Watch for Part 2 coming soon....

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  1. Lovely to know that your hols were a success my darling, great pictures. Now I am waiting to hear if you are going to be able to make it down to me or if Pippa is too ill.

  2. Wow you have been busy, what wonderful pictures you took of great things that you saw. I especially love the wicker woman and pavement of ducks. Both very clever.

  3. Lovely pictures; it is a holiday for us too when your pictures are so wonderful.

  4. OH. MY. GAWD. KrispyKremes .. evil things are addictive ...

    And I want to see those ducks in person .. how wonderful are they .. and the Wicker Woman .. I am envious of your photo ops

    Seems you had a birthday .. belated wishes, dear Saz!

  5. Happy that wicker woman...I live in Prince William county in Virginia and we have a Dumfries over here! Probably not as spectacular and not a fun museum!!
    I didn't know that the KK's made it across the pond! :D

  6. Wow! I am so happy for you! Andy Happy Belated Birthday to you my dear!

    You live near so many beautiful, historical sites. Your pictures are always so awesome,crisp and clear. Makes wish I could be there!...:)

    I'm glad to hear that you are taking some time to rest, relax and clear your head :). We all need to take some time to do this.

    Have fun :)!!

  7. there are no great english donuts over the pancakes..and fudge cake and apple pie...Its all american for me!!!

  8. I love those ducks on the pavement!

  9. Oh, Lord. Krispy Kreme. They opened some shops around here. Excellent donuts. Superb! But I'm so glad they closed, because I'd weigh 20 pounds more than I do if they had remained open.

  10. I really like the wicker woman. Cool sculpture. Sounds like you did a lot on your summer holiday.

  11. Really lovely pics. I would love to see the Wicker Woman for myself, beautiful movement about her :)

  12. What great photos! I love the ducks. I also love KrispyKremes!!

  13. You had a full summer
    while I walked circles around this tiny town. Where did it go, that elusive season?

  14. that wicker woman is fantastic!

  15. Love that Wicker Woman - I always like unusual sculptures. And how funny to see Manchester from a tourist perspective!

  16. Wow are they building those wheels in evry town, i am in sheffield and they have just made one here too

  17. Love love all the pics. It sounds like you have had an exciting summer!!

  18. I give you a ten out of ten for your essay! Great photos - especially love the Wicker Woman but why did you have to mention Krispy Kremes?? I'm going to have to go out to get some now for Saturday morning breakfast. You're a bad, bad woman ....

  19. I agree - the wicker woman is fantastic! And, even though I am perhaps the only person in existence who cares not for Krispy Kreme donuts, I do believe I could wolf down that chocolate creation in two seconds flat.

  20. Thanks for these lovely photos! I just adore seeing where other people have fun and live.

    The Wicker Woman sends shivers up my spine, and those Krispy Kremes....ack! Our local shop didn't survive the recession! What will we do??

    (And while I do wish my lovely blogmates the pleasure of a KK donut, is this a good thing, this exporting of these American businesses all over the world?)

  21. I love the wicker woman ... and the ducks.

    I particularly like the doughnut and coffee though. So I'm an addict. Sue me! ;-)

  22. Had a lovely time going around with you on those trips. I always love seeing the sights in London & there is nothing quite like an *Apple*
    You always take lovely photos.


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