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No Lippy!!

I had a bit of sleep in today and so I rushed out to the dentist for a check up, BUT without the must do, always do, eyebrows and lippy and shades. Don't you just know something is coming?Sod's law I'll get run over by a bus and be wearing no knickers me! That will teach me, to do as I do not as I say, silly moo that I am !

As I drove home coming up to the turning off the main Scotland road to our street, I noticed a man was running towards me on the pavement, blue shorts and top and carrying a St Georges flag. I took in the ruffled reddish blonde hair, the goatie beard and those twinkling eyes. I'm surprised I didn't steer the car right into him! 'Holy crap' I shouted, and without consciously thinking I indicated to turn. I took two rights and a left and came up behind him, like a stalker might, or a very BIG fan ... OMYGod, I thought I've turned into one of those screaming ijits that screech and shout out inane things, like rock on Eddie. Oh for gods sake Saz you are FFF and you should know better, but tell that to my hands and feet, I have no control, he is now walking and looking down into his mobile phone...
I bring the car up beside him,

'Hello Eddie Izzard, why are you running?' oh my god, let the earth open up and swallow me now! My eloquence astounds me.

He turned and looked at me, at Moi .... with no lippy, no eyebrows, no sunglasses and bed hair and a dry, gammy dentist mouth!!! Crap, crap, and crap!

'For SPORT RELIEF , look at my website.'

'I will yes, good luck, BYEE'!

I sped off feeling foolish, but chuffed really, those eyes! And not a stiletto nor painted nail in sight... shame!

Please sponsor Eddie HERE


  1. Hee hee! Your claim to fame (if you should need another!) I bet you still looked lovely!


  2. haha...typical eh? That would happen to me too.

  3. Now that figures, right? Thanks for making me laugh! What a great moment, though.

  4. And all without breaking a stride, eh? (His stride, that is...) What a moment!

  5. Haha...very funny....I'm also the kind of person who gets caught out unprepared.

    By the way I absolutely adore Eddie Izzard...he makes me laugh till I cry.

  6. Lucky you, I would love to see him too.

    CJ xx

  7. Eddie Izzard? Really? My wife loves him. Me? I only liked him in the Oceans movies. Still very funny post.

  8. Sounds like you both had your morning faces on!

    Damn, he's hot!

  9. I know!!!
    I'm a bit of a fan myself.
    You'd NEVER believe what I said to him when I took pics of him at the bottom of Kirkstone Pass. I only opened up me big mouth and actually said.... (while smiling like a fool!) 'I'd run along with you if I was wearing a sturdier bra!' If I could have planned what to say when meeting my hero it might well have NOT been THAT!
    What WAS I thinking! In my shots you can see his amused response. Later on I took some more shots further up the road and got a cuddle - be still my beating heart. I spotted him again as I drove home from work 2 days later near Carlisle but didn't want to give him the heebie jeebies and think I was a stalker, so I kept on driving.
    See my pics here

  10. Ain't it just always the way?!
    You should have asked Eddie, he'd have lent you some ;-)

  11. GAH I love that man .. I am sure I would not have been able to even speak if I saw him in person ...

  12. Grand story! I can actually "see" it happening through your witty bon mots! lol


    Fibee in eden

    ..where are you, you have o blog no link no nowhere!!.you gave him a hug...WOW your story is shit loads better than still my heart...and you said something funny to a frigging comedian..

    YOU ARE MY HERO!! go girl!!!

  14. too funny! at least you got out something.. and a pic!

  15. Eddie is the sexiest man with lippy or without [that's him not you babe, but then again, you too]

    I would have just stopped the car and gawped-how's that for dignified age?

    Off to see Fibees pics. XXX

  16. Great post, and as others have said, I bet you looked fab and sassy!

  17. It was your determined stride, your healthy self-assurance, and don't mess with me attitude that captured that man. Go girl!

  18. Wow, no chance of THAT happening around here.

  19. Thats it yours well and truly trumps my "lez Dennis" one in panto at crimbo in costa coffe - no fair!

  20. Oh, wow! Eddie Izzard - I'd love to see him live!

    Good for him waving the flag, too!

    You probably looked lovely. And I bet he wasn't wearing his make-up, either! ;)

  21. So cool (and uncool at the same time, which is your particular charm - as well as mine, so I mean that in a nice way.)

  22. Looks like a good post idea - "Celebs I have had embarassing encounters with..." Mine would be Anita Harris but that's another story.

  23. Wow, such fine legs. I am envious of you for seeing such a splendid sight.

  24. HAHA! This a made me laugh so much...just so typical...and I love Eddie too...isnt there just something about him! I agree with Reasons to be cheerful 1.2.3, he would have let you use his lippy!

  25. Excellent post. Why dont I meet anyone famous. Nearly ran over my wife in the week. She thought I did it on purpose. I didn't, honest!
    (word verification was whinge, how strange.)

  26. I know. Unbelievable. He's doing 40 marathons in 47 days - 1000 miles. I am truly impressed. Thanks for your message today btw Lxxx


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